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BaitBuddies Marc & Austin Studio: BaitBuddies
Austin is our new bait boy from Kentucky. He's 30 years old, 5'11'', 165 pounds, brown eyes, brown hair, and has that sexy Southern charm to complete the package. Austin loves straight men and doesn't have too much trouble getting them. Today, he's in the studio looking to fucked by a straight guy but this time he's going to get paid for it!

Caruso brings in our straight guy Marc and introduces him to Austin. Right away you can tell that Austin is totally into Marc. Maybe it's because Caruso already let it slip that Marc has a big and fat uncut cock and Austin absolutely loves uncut dick!Or because Austin knows that Marc has a girlfriend back home that has no clue what he's doing today... Marc is big and beefy!He's 5'9'', 200 pounds and claims he can throw a mean fuck!You can see Austin's wheels spinning as he listens to Marc and gets turned on more and more.

Caruso comes back and explains to both guys that the girl broke down and can't make it. Marc quickly grabs his clothes and starts to get dressed. Caruso stops him to explain that he can make even more money. Double the money if he has sex with Austin. After a little nervous laughter and debating, Marc caves in and agrees to give it a try. Without any hesitation, Austin jumps right in and grabs Marc's cock. He tries to jack Marc off but his dick is just too fat to get his hands all the way around!Marc stands up and Austin surprisingly swallows his cock in one shot!When Austin finally comes up for air, both guys stand up and start rubbing their throbbing dicks together. Marc really starts to get into it and can't keep his hands of Austin's tight ass. He pulls Austin in for a kiss and then starts fingering Austin's hole!Clearly Marc is an ass man!He pushes Austin down on the couch and starts eating his ass!Austin can't take it any longer and wants to get fucked. Marc puts a condom on and lubes up. Austin leans forward and Marc shoves his rock hard cock in and starts pounding away!After a while Austin flips over so Marc can fuck him on his back. This position must have hit the spot because within minutes both guys are shooting huge hot loads!

Format: mp4
Duration: 35:23
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 1811kbps
Audio: 124kbps

BaitBuddies Marc & Austin
BaitBuddies Marc & Austin

BaitBuddies Marc & Austin
BaitBuddies Marc & Austin

BaitBuddies Marc & Austin

File size: 503.3 MB

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