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Irresistible Genres: Glamour, Blowjob
Video language: English
with my spit, providing a glide right into the depths of my mouth and back out again. In the darkness, it's mostly your skin illuminated by our incandescent desire. You always find your way back to the warm wetness of my blowjob.

Hand wrapped around your cock, I stroke it as I flick my tongue over the head. You're so thick up against the tip of my tongue. It feels like you're about to come already, but I hold off and kiss you a bit to get you off the edge and back to enjoying the subtle pleasures of this blowjob. When I look up at you, I see your eyes light up with an extra surge of excitement. It's so sexy to see that expression of pure bliss on your face.

You start to pulse, and your cum is flowing before I even know it. It's coursing straight into my mouth, giving me a beautiful load of creamy pleasure to swallow. I lap it all up, nearly wanting to ask for more I'm sure I'll get another cumshot soon enough. You can't resist my blowjobs for long.

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Duration: 4:55
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