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» » ChaosMen Gerard & Santino & Wren TagTeam RAW
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ChaosMen Gerard & Santino & Wren TagTeam RAW Studio: ChaosMen
Yet another super hot TagTeam video!

These 3-ways have been scorching hot!Perhaps it is Gerard and his crazy sexual energy. Or is it because Santino is fascinated by Gerards big cock?Or could it because Wren, who has been hitting the gym, has a sharp new hair cut that harkens back to when he first got started?

Wren is the bottom boy in this video, with Santino taking some cock as well. Gerard and Santino start by servicing their bottom. Santino attacks his cock, while Gerard rims Wrens hole. I love the undershot on this one, especially seeing Wrens face as he is being orally treated front to back!

Gerard helps Santino suck on Wrens ever growing cock, then goes down on Santino who keeps working on Wrens dick.

Gerards cock needed some attention, so Wren starts sucking Gerards uncut cock. Santino climbs up on the bed so Gerard would have a cock to suck while his own cock was serviced by Wren. Next both Santino and Wren get on their knees and take turns sharing Gerards amazing uncut cock.

They get Wren on his back, and Gerard rims his hole while Santino sucks his cock. Gerard gets his hole all lubed up and slides his cock into Wrens eager hole. Wren nurses on Santinos low-hanging balls while he gets his ass pounded.

Santino then takes a stab at Wrens ass, while Gerard sucks on Wrens cock. Poor Wren!But he is loving having both guys ram all his holes with abandon!

Santino gives him a break by sitting down on Wrens cock. Now at first, Santino wanted to be fucked by Wren because he thought Wren would be smaller, but once faced with seeing Wren fully hard, he was not sure if he had made the smaller choice.

He does his best to ride it, while Gerard encourages him and sucks his cock.

Santino spins around and sits on it properly, Wrens cock barely wedged into his tight hole. Gerard stands over him, feeding him his cock so that both of Santinos holes are filled. After that, Gerard goes back to fucking Wren, while Wren fucks Santino.

This turns on Gerard so much that he gets close to cumming. He fucks Wren right up to the moment he is about bust, pulls out and squirts once to paint his hole, and then plunges his spasming cock back into his hole. The key word is spasm, as his cock pumps a giant load into Wren.

Santino slides in quickly to use Gerards cum as lube and fucks him until he pulls out and jerks his cock and gives Wren another coating of jizz, also dumping the rest inside of Wren.

Filled with two loads, Wren quickly and easily busts his own load. Gerard was telling him he is a good boy, kissing him just as he was cumming.

Gerard slides down and cleans both boys cocks!

Format: mp4
Duration: 33:21
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2933kbps
Audio: 108kbps

ChaosMen Gerard & Santino & Wren TagTeam RAW
ChaosMen Gerard & Santino & Wren TagTeam RAW

ChaosMen Gerard & Santino & Wren TagTeam RAW
ChaosMen Gerard & Santino & Wren TagTeam RAW

ChaosMen Gerard & Santino & Wren TagTeam RAW

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