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» » Brutal Tops-Cruel Medical Trampling Violators
Category: Gay BDSM |

Brutal Tops-Cruel Medical Trampling Violators Release Year: 2012
Studio: Brutal Tops
Cast: Nick&Lucas
Genres: Fetish,Gay,Hardcore,Pissing,Oral,Punched,Fuck,Fed Cum
Video language: English
Wrapping the miserable sub's arms in plaster to immobilise them, Dr Lukas sets about reminding the lippy bottom on how to go about serving his Master. A long 12 hour shift in the medical room means this Top's armpits are sweaty and ripe. Taking off his scrubs he pushes sub james' face deep into his hairy wet pit, ordering him to first smell then lick the salty beads of sweat away. Lukas wants them to be cleaned and detailed properly so locks the pitiful patients head firmly under his arm. Each hair must be sucked clean of any dirt.

It's been 3 days since Dr Nick last got a shower, what better use for a bolshy sub's vacuum like mouth and wet tongue than detailing his pits clean?James will quickly learn that Dr Nick does not suffer fools easily, his word is law and any sub fucking about while under his instruction will get punished severely.

Putting the sub onto the floor Dr Nick tramples over the worthless piece of shit, putting his whole body weight onto the cunt as he walks up its body. The human carpet feels squishy underfoot, the soles of Nick's shoes leaving a pattern marked into the sub's skin where he has walked. Dr Lukas takes a turn, every step getting a thank you from the sub, even when it's tiny penis gets trodden on.

Dr Nick has another servile use for this sub's mouth, removing the tight white pants under his and Dr Lukas' scrubs. If james does a good job he may just get rewarded with a sniff or a lick of his Master's bum holes... if he does a shit job, he'll get put on extra punishment duty, detailing their sweaty feet.

These cruel Masters demand 110% from their subs, anything less will get punished. Severely. Every task james has been given by the two doctors has not been carried to their high standards, so Nick grabs a painful looking chrome butchers hook butt plug. Time to give this sub some coaching and encouragement, Brutal Tops style.

Sliding the large round chrome ball of the 'hook' end into the sub's slutty anus, he ties off the other to equally painful looking nose hooks. Every movement of the sub's head will tug on the chrome ball butt plug...

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 22:48
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 2142kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Brutal Tops-Cruel Medical Trampling Violators
Brutal Tops-Cruel Medical Trampling Violators

Brutal Tops-Cruel Medical Trampling Violators
Brutal Tops-Cruel Medical Trampling Violators

Brutal Tops-Cruel Medical Trampling Violators

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