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» » STR8Hell - Peter and Steve - Raunchy
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STR8Hell - Peter and Steve - Raunchy Studio:
Peter Filo and Steve Peryoux are the stars in a wonderful Raunchy sex scene. Steve has Peter cuffed in the army barracks and drags him into the dorm. He pushes Peter onto a bed and begins exploring his hot body, kissing over it. Then he bends Peter over and spanks on his ass a little. His hands are running all over Peter's body and he pushes him back on the bed, opening his pants. Pulling those pants down Steve exposes Peter's sexy ass. He turns him over and kisses and rough handles him some more. Then he pulls the pants off exposing his naked captive. He pushes Peter's legs in the air, tying the legs and exposing his sexy ass. Steve spanks on the ass, bites it and plays with the tight hole. With all the action Peter is getting hard and Steve decides to move things on. He stands and has the naked Peter on his knees in front of him. He pulls out his own hard cock Peter to suck on it and lick the big balls. Then Steve's attention turns to Peter's cock. As he continues slapping him Steve grabs hold of that cock and wanks it. Then Peter has to suck dick again. He is enjoying the taste of cock and the abuse he is receiving. Before long Steve has to move on and slams his big cock deep into Peter's hot hole. He fucks him good and hard, in different positions, with Peter moaning as the cock bangs his hole. Peter loves how his ass is being stretched and grabs his own dick wanking it hard and fast. He moans as he takes the dick and the guys changed position, with Peter riding that throbbing cock, his own bobbing around as he bounces up and down. It doesn't take long for Steve to need to dump a load. Peter kneels in front of him and takes that big, creamy load all over his face, and in his mouth. He sucks on that sticky spent cock before wanking his own dick, with help from Steve who keeps up his slapping and spitting, until he too dumps his load for us. What a great scene from two very hot guys this is.
Format: mp4
Duration: 36:51
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2509kbps
Audio: 95kbps

STR8Hell - Peter and Steve - Raunchy
STR8Hell - Peter and Steve - Raunchy

STR8Hell - Peter and Steve - Raunchy
STR8Hell - Peter and Steve - Raunchy

STR8Hell - Peter and Steve - Raunchy

File size: 704.8 MB