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Brutal Tops-Psycho Soccer Hooligans Release Year: 2012
Studio: Brutal Tops
Cast: Derek and Toby
Genres: Fetish,Gay,Hardcore,Pissing,Oral,Punched,Fuck,Fed Cum
Video language: English
Soccer hooligans Derek and Toby are in their element. Marching a rival supporter back to the Tops lair, hand gagged and in an arm lock, this dirty cunt is under their complete control.

Offended by the other team's colours, Derek rips the sub's shirt off it's pathetic body then ties the piece of shit to a chair with tight rope bindings. With the sub unable to get away the lads can have some fun...

Toby pulls the sub's head back by sticking his fingers in it's nose. It also gives these brutal bastards easy access to it's mouth, which they gob copious amounts of Arsenal phlegm into. Grabbing a couple of bottles of beer the Tops quench their thirst, spitting some of their brew at the sub, using it's mouth for target practice not that the ungrateful prick deserves a drink.

Derek's sweaty armpits are in need of a good clean. With a sub so close at hand to do the dirty job he strips off his precious Arsenal shirt and clamps his dank hairy pit firmly across sub ben's nose and mouth. The odorous stench makes the sub cough and gasp for fresh air. It's going to be a while before ben gets anything clean or fresh near his face, Toby stripping off his football shirt to have his equally smelly armpits serviced by the sub's slobbering wet tongue.

It's been a few days since his last shower and Toby's dirty arse crack could do with a wash as well. The sub's slutty mouth comes in handy for a second time, it's tongue probing and digging deep into his Master's tight hairy ring piece, slurping away every trace of toilet filth and sweat as it goes. Ben is doing such a good job that Derek drops his jogging pants and sticks his ripe arse into ben's face for detailing too, aided by Toby pushing hard on the back of the sub's head for extra encouragement. With it's face buried deep between Master Derek's perfect arse cheeks all ben can breathe and taste is pure Arsenal.

Teasing the sub by tugging on it's cock to make it hard, it's only fair that Derek then orders ben to do the same for him. Pushing his thickening cock into the sub's mouth Derek gets sucked to a full erection. What a treat for ben, not that he shows any appreciation or effort in servicing his Master's penis. This just pisses both the Masters off. Time to teach this little arse wipe some manners.

Ordering ben to wank his own cock, the Tops promise him a caning across his hands for not getting hard quickly enough. Each time he is given the opportunity to give himself an erection the useless prick fails, resulting in more stinging stripes across his palm.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 20:19
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 2145kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Brutal Tops-Psycho Soccer Hooligans
Brutal Tops-Psycho Soccer Hooligans

Brutal Tops-Psycho Soccer Hooligans
Brutal Tops-Psycho Soccer Hooligans

Brutal Tops-Psycho Soccer Hooligans

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