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The Best of Remy Delaine Vol. 1 Studio: Raging Stallion Studios
A collection of some of Remy Delaine's best Raging Stallion scenes.

Arabesque: Back in the palace we join Remy. His scene partner is the hottest Arab of all Ivan Andros from Barcelona, Spain. Ivan has that great mix of Spanish and Arabian ethnic cultures. When you see him, he becomes Rudolph Valentino incarnate. His face, his body, and his giant cock all make you want to scream!Anyway, that is what Remy does!These are two of the hottest men in porn today in a scene that ranks as one of Chris Ward's best. Remy worships Ivan's cock in what becomes pure sexual adoration. Ivan toys with Remy's ass, spreading his perfect cheeks and tasting his pink hole. Finally the fucking begins, and four positions are fully filmed, including one of the most dramatic of all time. Remy rides Ivan forever as the energy builds into a climax that is a showstopper. Ivan's cumshot must be seen to be believed. Put it this way: his cock is a fire hose and Remy's face is the fire.
Manifesto unfolds with two of the world's hottest men engaged in a boxing gym: Remy spars with superstar sensation Fran?ois Sagat in a pairing that may very well be the best scene these guys have ever filmed!Fran?ois shines as never before, his chest hair a perfect frame for his best-body-on-earth physique. Amazingly, Remy is his equal!As they box their way around the punching bags, Remy's huge cock grows(it is a real 11-incher, thick and tough); watch it bounce around under his boxing shorts. And when it comes out of his pants, your eyes will pop out; you might even pass out!Fran?ois can hardly believe his eyes. Soon they are sucking each other in an amazing scene of epic proportions. These top stars suck each other off for your enjoyment. And then after the first set of cum shots, Remy takes charge and fucks Fran?ois's perfect hole in so many positions that we can't even remember them all. But what you will never forget is Francois's open hole, round and eager, being hammered by the best cock in porn. The final cum shots are thick and white. This 30-minute scene is a masterpiece of gay erotica and will stand the test of time as a ball-draining classic.
Knight After Knight: Here we find the truly "Bigger Than Life" superstar, the mountain of muscle and the pharaoh of phallus, Mr. Erik Hunter in an erotic art tableau homage to Rodin with Remy. The scene has been described by Delaine himself as "the most amazing sexual experience of my life; Hunter is the all time best." Watch in stunned amazement as Erik and Remy perform a pas de duex of such power, passion, and grace that it will leave you searching for adjectives to describe its majesty. Filmed on a stark naked set, the completely nude lovers form such images of sexual abandon that anything but light and shadow would destroy the artfully sleazy symmetry of the composition. The pair's turgid combustion will singe itself into your every dirty thought, so be prepared - you may be stuck here for awhile.
AssQuest Part 1: Remy has a sexual prowess and versatility that shines above the neon light of this grungy, sex club-style, no holds barred, quest for ass. Carlos Morales and Justin Christopher prove to the world just how deep their large pieces of man meat can go. Expert cocksucker he is, Remy can't decide which cock he enjoys more. At one point during the scene, he has twenty inches of cock to choose from. Up close and personal. Down his throat and up his ass. Carlos and Justin take turns filling Remy's round tight hole till he was begging them to stop. Carlos drops his load as Remy finishes his quest for ass riding atop Justin cowboy-style - sperm oozing out of his uncut -sized cock.

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Duration: 2:03:18
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The Best of Remy Delaine Vol. 1
The Best of Remy Delaine Vol. 1

The Best of Remy Delaine Vol. 1
The Best of Remy Delaine Vol. 1

The Best of Remy Delaine Vol. 1

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