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Trophy 4 - Mark (1983) Release Year: 1983
Cast: Brandon(bw), Cliff(bw), Jeff(bw), Mark(bw), Steve(bw), Todd(bw
Genres: Shot on film, Collection, Anal, Oral, Solos, Outdoor Sex, Threesomes, Vintage
Video language: English
1. Mark(Brentood)- 1974
shows what happens when a college athlete is ready for action but all alone.

2-3. Policeman in the Park, pt 1-2 - 1975
Two white men on a secluded park bench are by a solid, hung black cop in A Cop in the Park.

4. Brandon and Steve - 1974
Brandon(bw), Steve(bw)
"Brandon and Steve" are ranch hands who suck and fuck in the mountains. If you should ever have the opportunity to work on a ranch, you'll find the work hot, rough and wild. Brandon and Steve are ranch hands who know how tough these chores can be under the hot sun. They both seem to carry the only life they know into their sexual fantasies. Their sex is hot, rough and hard. Competition with each other seems to be one of their favorite pleasure and they waste no time in taking each other to take their big cocks both orally and anally. Brandon's huge cock is no easy victor as he slams it into Steve. Steve is quick to retaliate by knocking Brandon to the ground and spitting on his cock and stomach, and when the excitement builds beyond endurance both boys burst into gushing orgasms at the same time. It's anybody's guess who's the victor as they cover each other with cum. It's hot, rough wild and fantastic.

5-6. Cliff, Todd & Jeff, pt 1-2 - 1974
Cliff(bw), Jeff(bw), Todd(bw)
Intersperses scenes of two men sucking, reaming and fucking with shots of a third "fantasy man" jacking off. Cliff is the most beautiful young man ever exposed in a sexual encounter. In this film, he bares his combined aggressive drive both physically and mentally. Cliff draws you so close to him that you can almost feel the heat of his body pressing tightly against you own as you imagine yourself on the receiving end of his passionate and thrustful attack, which comes to a close with the fluid warmth and tenderness that could only come from such a virile young man - a man that really cares.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:00:35
Video: 640x480, XviD, 1461kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Trophy 4 - Mark (1983)
Trophy 4 - Mark (1983)

Trophy 4 - Mark (1983)
Trophy 4 - Mark (1983)

Trophy 4 - Mark (1983)

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