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WHiggins - Ivo Mirek - Erotic Solo (14 Jul) Studio:
Ivo Mirek is aged 18 and lives in Pelhrimov. He works as a cook, and in his spare time he enjoys sports, football and fitness. What a good looking guy he is, and after his interview he stands and starts to run his hands over his chest. He lifts his tee-shirt and then takes it off to reveal a very good body. He continues to feel that sexy chest and show off some very good abs. He turns and pushes down his jeans to give a lovely view of his hot ass. His hands reach back and grab at the cheeks, pulling them apart to reveal a nice, dark crack. When he turns round again, his hand is on his cock, which is already very hard. Ivo wanks on that beautiful dick, with his balls hanging over the waist band of his underwear. Twisting his hips back and forth that lovely cock flails around. He continues to feel that hot chest as he wanks. Removing the rest of his clothes Ivo lays back on the bed, wanking and then lifting his legs up to show off his sexy ass again. This time as he parts his cheeks he gives us a wonderful view of his hot hole, with those big balls hand down so close to it. Turning, and up on his knees Ivo continues to feel his ass and show his pucker hole. That hairy ass crack looks so inviting as Ivo's hands pull it apart. Turning around again his hand grabs his hard cock again and wanks it. He stands up and speeds up his wanking, shooting a lovely cumshot all over the floor, and milking the cock dry. Then he moves to the shower to clean up after a wonderful show.
Format: mp4
Duration: 27:05
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2930kbps
Audio: 82kbps

WHiggins - Ivo Mirek - Erotic Solo (14 Jul)
WHiggins - Ivo Mirek - Erotic Solo (14 Jul)

WHiggins - Ivo Mirek - Erotic Solo (14 Jul)

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