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MormonBoyz Elder Ence - The Endowment Studio: MormonBoyz
The mischievous Elder Ence is beginning to realize that being obedient can have its upsides. Before he began his long journey towards joining The Order, he had always reacted badly to the idea of serving a master.

In Sunday school, seminary and the MTC his teachers seemed to respond to his independent spirit with lessons that drew from scriptures about obedience and submitting to the will of the man.

But the lessons about submissiveness and meekness never really sank in. He was his own master.

As a missionary he didnt know what to call it, but around the other missionary boys he thought of himself as an alpha male. He wanted to be in charge, and he wanted to seduce each and every beautiful young missionary in the field.

So when he was paired with Elder Dudley, he just did what came naturally to him.

Elder Ence loved watching the other missionary boys writhe and moan as he filled their holes with his throbbing cock. He felt powerful after taking a boys virginity. It felt like this was his calling in life.

But everything got turned upside down when he learned about the secret priesthood order, and the steps of initiation. He realized something. He loves being controlled.

During his inspection, President Nelson, the intimidating muscle daddy bent Ence over a table and slammed him remorselessly with his thick cock and Ence had no choice but to take it.

And today, he was brought to the temple veil where he serviced a mysterious stranger while the dashing President Oaks, goaded him on. He opened his mouth as wide he could and took the veiny pulsing dick so deep, tears poured down his face.

As he felt the strangers balls press against his chin, President Oaks knelt behind the boy and teased his hole. Ence was so turned on it didnt take long before he opened and allowed Oaks thick shaft inside him.

Elder Ence slurped on the veiled mans cock as President Oaks groaned and pulled the boy to him. The stranger grunted and gave a few last thrusts before pulling his cock away from Ences hungry lips and spilling his load all over the boys face.

Now its just Ence and the President and he can feel the Presidents renewed lust. Youve been a good boy at the veil, he whispers, But now my dick is swollen and my nuts ache for release. And Im going to unload them by pounding this gorgeous of ass yours.

Oaks pulls open the boys cheeks and fucks him hard from behind. Ence feels the Presidents balls slapping against his ass. He can smell the mans musky sweat. He can still taste the strangers cum on his lips. It makes Ence desperately want to be filled with cum.

I want to see your face as I fuck you, the President says, pulling out. He flips Ence onto his back and lifts his legs in the air. Ence thrills at how strong Oaks his. The man holds both his whole lower body up as it is nothing but a feather.

Ride me, boy, The President smiles. Ride me until I cum. Ence does as hes told, eagerly thrusting his hips up and down, feeling every inch of the mans cock inside of him. The President grits his teeth and throws his head back. He is so close.

Ence watches the man and feels a freedom hed never realized was possible. It is the freedom of service, the freedom of knowing he is nothing but a vessel for this powerful mans pleasure.

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MormonBoyz Elder Ence - The Endowment
MormonBoyz Elder Ence - The Endowment

MormonBoyz Elder Ence - The Endowment
MormonBoyz Elder Ence - The Endowment

MormonBoyz Elder Ence - The Endowment

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