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Miami Studio: World Of Men
Roman Ragazzi is Collin's hottest find and the sexiest muscle god to appear in porn in years with his huge, hairy, muscular body, chiseled face, and fat dick. Recently rocked by an international scandal, this is Roman's long-awaited debut porn appearance.
Roman and big swarthy C.J. Madison float by in a boat and pick up smooth, young, rock hard Mason Wyler while he is busy sweeping off a boat deck. The threesome then sails off into Miami's Biscayne Bay for a little fun. It all starts innocently enough when hairy daddy Roman and Italian Stallion C.J. start kissing, but young Mason wants part of the daddy fun, too!Soon the guys head into the cabin for some hot foreplay. Roman is surprised to find his shipmates pulling out their huge uncut cocks for him to play with. After working up a sweat in the cabin, the guys head outdoors for some on-deck action.
One would think big Roman with his huge dick would bend Mason over and tear him up, but it seems Roman is too tempted by C.J.'s own big uncut dick and bends over to show C.J. his rock hard, muscular hairy ass. C.J. wastes no time and plows Roman with his thick, rock-hard cock while Roman chows down on Mason's beautiful long, white, uncut cock. Roman then lets Mason and C.J. take turns at his gorgeous ass until Mason finally shoots all over Roman's muscular arched back. C.J. is next to cum and shoots a huge load all over Roman's jaw and muscular hairy chest. Then Roman himself decides to shoot a load all over the deck, leaving you wonder who was the lucky one to clean up that mess!
Collin wants to take in some sun at home in Miami Beach. He lays his towel down next to sexy Nick Horn, who immediately starts to flirt with Collin. After a quick dip, Nick offers to rub lotion on Collin, who likes Nick's touch so he signals Nick to follow him up to his condo. Collin takes Nick out onto his balcony and strips him down to show his fat cock and thick white butt. Collin immediately starts to worship and lick Nick's gorgeous ass, but the action quickly moves inside to the sofa where both men swap juicy blowjobs. Nick cannot wait any longer for Collin to shove his big cock inside of him and Collin happily obliges by pounding Nick's ass over and over again. Collin proves in this scene that he knows how to dish out the hardcore, relentless fucking that guys all over the world can only dream about.
Brian Bodine starts out by lathering himself in the shower, but this innocent soaping up causes his massive black shaft to get aroused. Brian is a true specimen. Between his perfectly cut and muscled body, beautiful dark skin and extra-large cock, just watching him in the shower is enough to rile most people into a frenzy. Lucky Eli is a hot little Latin boy that wanders in on Brian, watches intensely as Brian plays with himself until he is caught, and then is invited to play along. Eli proves that he has experience in servicing a huge dick, and does so expertly in the shower before the two head to the bedroom.
After feeding little Eli more of his throbbing shaft, Brian throws Eli on his back and begins to his huge cock in, bit by bit, while little Eli squirms on the bed taking it, but just barely. But Brian is an expert in prying open tight little holes and before long Eli is happily bouncing up and down until his smooth hole has been thoroughly worked over. He then explodes while riding the full length of Brian's massive dick. It's Brian's turn to get off after pounding Eli's ass for so long and he shoots a huge load all over his fuck buddy's chest.
Daniel Marvin and Pedro Andreas are on vacation in Miami, taking a romantic shower in their hotel room, when the hotel staff seems to have given a key to the same room to dark, exotic looking Andre Santos. He peeks around the corner to find Pedro and Daniel kissing and playing with each other and takes the opportunity to see if he can join in. Pedro and Daniel quickly wave Andre into the bathroom where he proudly services both of their beautiful uncut cocks. Pedro and Daniel fight over whose cock is going to be shoved into Andre's accepting mouth until they finally pull Andre out of the shower, bend him over and attack his perfectly round smooth ass, first with their tongues and then with their rock hard cocks. Pedro and Daniel take turns mounting Andre from behind, then put him up on the sink and go at him from there, too. Andre is a real sport and you can tell by his face that this double pounding by two of the hottest guys in the porn world will be one that he won't soon forget.
Collin is cruising the beautiful beaches of South Beach, but finds no one of interest so he decides to walk home. Right before Collin arrives at his condo, tall, young Alex Keyes jogs by with no shirt on and tiny little running shorts that show off a huge cock flopping back and forth. Collin signals Alex to follow him up to his condo to find out exactly what Alex has stuffed in his shorts. After Collin rubs his hand all over Alex's crotch while kissing him, Alex's enormous uncut cock flops out the side of those tiny shorts. They just cannot hold in his huge, expanding dick anymore. Collin then immediately drops to his knees and slurps on Alex's shaft and foreskin until he finally deep throats the whole enormous cock!Collin then takes Alex over to the couch and shoves his own huge cock into Alex's awaiting mouth.
After a good long foreskin-teasing blowjob, Collin turns Alex around and starts playing with both his tight hole and huge cock, gnawing on Alex's generous helping of foreskin and trying to make Alex's oversized cock touch his own ass. Collin cannot hold back any longer and eases the length of his long shaft deep into Alex's hole. Alex proves to be quite a champ, letting Collin pound his smooth Latin ass until Collin can't hold back any longer and explodes in one of his famous marathon shoot-across-the-room cum shots. Fucking doesn't get any more fun than this.

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