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» » Mormon Boyz - Chapter 17 - Petersons Send-Off
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Mormon Boyz - Chapter 17 - Petersons Send-Off Cast: Elders Foster, Miller & Peterson
Elder Petersons life as a full-time Mormon missionary has been a very educational experience and now its time for him to go home and put into practice everything he has learned.

But before he leaves, the mission leadership has arranged for a fantastic send off for the obedient young boy.

President Wilcox has taken the boy and two others, Elder Foster and Elder Miller, on a priesthood retreat.

Hes planning a giant orgy for the boy who has done so much to please his companions and his leaders, both to show their appreciation and to remind him of his responsibilities to The Order which will continue when he is a Returned Missionary.

When Elder Peterson entered the mission he was an innocent blonde farm boy, who had never so much as thought of fooling around with another guy.

But his first companion had quickly introduced the boy to the joys of sex with men, and once the seal was broken Elder Peterson couldnt get enough!

He had taken every opportunity to suck, fuck and especially to get fucked. He became well known among the other missionaries and among the men of The Order, who had selected him to perform the sacred, erotic initiatory rites.

Elder Peterson knows that hell miss being a full-time missionary, and he has spent several days in a terrible funk.

But when he realizes that hell be spending the night with Elders Foster and Miller, and with always horny President Wilcox, his mood brightens.

He knows that with those three guys there will be lots of delicious boy on boy and daddy boy action in store.

Since his mission is almost over, he decides itll be alright just this one time to their strict bedtime.

He wants to stay up all night long with their dicks in his athletic ass.
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Mormon Boyz - Chapter 17 - Petersons Send-Off
Mormon Boyz - Chapter 17 - Petersons Send-Off

Mormon Boyz - Chapter 17 - Petersons Send-Off
Mormon Boyz - Chapter 17 - Petersons Send-Off

Mormon Boyz - Chapter 17 - Petersons Send-Off

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