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Training The Maid: Bianca Genres: BDSM
Have you ever dreamed of having a sexy big titted maid bound and gagged to your sink to do your dishes?When busty Bianca met Master Rick savage, I doubt she anticipated that shed be doing housework. But in his manical manner, the master has her do just that. She is tied up, shown the sink and made to do the dishes.(Not very easy with your hands tied together)And when Bianca misses a spot, obviously the master must severely punish her. While she scrubs, the master spanks and whips until her olive colored cheeks are a bright shade of crimson.
The sight of Biancas big breast hanging over the sink gives Rick an idea. Absolutely!Her breasts and nipples need to be sudsed and scrubbed with a scrubbing sponge. Our big tited latin babe squirms as the coarse scrubber is dragged across her sensitive nipples. The dishes finally finished, Rick can finally get down to the business of some serious breast punishment. First some deep squeezing and pinching to get them warmed up. Then Bianca is soundly tit-flogged with a nasty leather flogger.
As long as were in the kitchen... our latin damsel in distress is now bound to the refrigerator for her final torment. A resounding tit spanking. Biancas monster juggs jiggle and dance as Rick smacks them hard with the palm of his hand!
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Duration: 55:09
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Training The Maid: Bianca
Training The Maid: Bianca

Training The Maid: Bianca
Training The Maid: Bianca

Training The Maid: Bianca

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