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Valkyrie Suvia English PXY-10036 HD Release Year: 2016
Genres: hentai anime
Loki is walking with the Pink Ball. He mentions that if he doesn't get the two keys today the world will end. Loki has a plan and asks him to watch and opens the door to the dungeon. The Chief of Valkyries, Freya is getting r*ped by a massive monster and is getting on her breasts by a lizard. He starts to fuck her mouth as are r*ping her pussy. The two Valkyries, Suvia and Sigurd are watching Freya being fucked while chained. They can't move their eyes watching the perverted show in front of them. Sigurd wishes she was the one being r*ped and starts to massage her breasts as Suvia can understand the perverted show is even making her horny. She has to hold back. Freya licks the lizards cock as it drips precum and the in her pussy inflate her stomach!Suvia notices that her Valkyrie friend is trying to lick her clit cock. She bends over and gets her cock into her mouth. Suvia is in shock as Sigurd succeeds in blowing herself as Freya gets penetrated with a huge that starts shooting cum inside her pussy. Freya's eyes go wide as something is done to her womb as the lizard pumps his load right into her mouth. The monster howls as Freya tries to take all the cum into her mouth but it shoots out covering her face. Sigurd pussy is leaking cream over the floor as she mouth fucks her clit cock. Leaning backward her tits explode milk that shoots into the air.
Suvia stares at her as she falls back cumming. She starts to touch her own breasts as Loki appears. He asks Sigurd if she wants to be fucked. But, Suvia is there and she wont. Both girls deny Loki and he walks away. Sigurd gives in and needs to be fucked. She calls for Loki to cum back say she will give him her key. He comes back and Sigurd begs for him to r*pe her. He agrees and bends her over putting his cock in her cunt. Suvia watches her get fucked and she cries out to put it in her womb!Cum is leaking from her pussy and Loki pumps his load deep inside her. Her breasts shoot out milk as the cum fills her womb. Loki asks for the key and Sigurd starts to push. It presses against Loki's cock and a ball falls to floor opening up exposing the silver key. Sigurd falls to the floor and Suvia needs his cock now. She asks him to r*pe her and he lays on the bed. Suvia stands above him and sits down on his cock going balls deep. She screams as Loki starts to fuck her pussy. She cums but he mentions that she is a Valkyrie and should be able to show some restraint. She tries not to cum and only when Loki is ready to shoot he will allow her to cum. Loki creams inside her pussy as she squirts. Suvia falls to the floor and Loki asks for the key. She starts to push a ball out of her cunt that plops out exposing the second key. She wants him to fuck her again.

Odin falls to his knees as the world is covered in darkness and the demons will rule. Loki could careless since he now has the two Valkyries as his sex slaves. All three are sucking and each other. Suvia bites down on Sigurd's clit cock as Loki eats her out. Loki sits in a chair and is fucking Sigurd pussy while Suvia is riding her clit cock!Both girls start to cum as Loki shoots a massive load into the air covering both girls. Loki has another surprise!He uses magic and grows a second cock. Both Valkyries start to kiss each other as Loki fucks them both at the same time making girls cum!

Format: mkv(Matroska)
Duration: 28:15
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264)
Audio: 187kbps

Valkyrie Suvia English PXY-10036 HD
Valkyrie Suvia English PXY-10036 HD

Valkyrie Suvia English PXY-10036 HD
Valkyrie Suvia English PXY-10036 HD

Valkyrie Suvia English PXY-10036 HD

File size: 505.2 MB