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Buckshot Productions  Hard Drive (2011) Release Year: 2011
Cast: Christopher Daniels, Conner Habib, Dylan Roberts, Jake Lyons, Jessie Jordan, Spencer Fox, Valentin Petrov
Genres: studs, hunks, threesome, muscle, flip-flop, fantasies, computer, massive cock, big dick, oral, blowjob, rimming, anal, cumshots, condom
Welcome to the digital age. And what better way to take advantage of all this new technology than to watch hot young guys suck and fuck each other's brains out?
The clean boys of Buckshot fill cyber-space with hot, steamy and dirty sex as they download mega-bytes of thick juicy boy-cock.
Load up your Hard Drive and get ready for some hot laptop action now!

Sexy Conner Habib's morning-wood fantasies come to life in "Hard Drive," when he boots up his computer after hung boyfriend Spencer Fox deserts him in bed.
The first scene Conner uses for inspiration stars two young, gorgeous men, Dylan Roberts and Valentin Petrov, in a flip-flop fuck that is awesome. The warm-up has each stud savoring the other's cock, and then Valentin eating out Dylan's hole. The fucking is intense and hot, no matter which of these dudes is in which position, but the end, with Valentin slamming Dylan's furry ass, is just amazing.
Next, Conner gets off on an all-oral scene with studpups Jessie Jordan and Jake Lyons that gets underway with the two checking out porn magazines. These two may be young, but they know their way around a hard cock, and Jake even spends some time rimming Jessie's hole. Both shoot loads that are definitely impressive.
Blond Christopher Daniels and wiry cutie Brock Richmond are up next, and it's a real delight watching Christopher tease Brock's uncut dick and tight, furry ass with his mouth. Brock also has a set of puffy, erect nipples that are tantalizing, as is the way he drills Christopher's hole from behind and missionary. Brock sprays a load all the way up Christopher's smooth torso at the end.
Conner next watches his ultra-hung boyfriend Spencer Fox jerking off on a bed while Jessie and Jake are watching him from a window. I totally love Spencer's flushed, handsome face as the two young studs take turns playing with him orally, sucking him, licking and tasting his balls, enjoying every inch of his equipment. Then, it's just as much fun watching Jessie and Jake as they take turns getting fucked, both masterfully taking Spencer's massive cock and enjoying it. After Spencer is done stretching out these two hot holes, all three blast big loads.
And then, after watching Spencer on video, Conner gets to enjoy the real thing when Spencer comes back to bed. This is another all-oral scene, and it rocks -- from Conner slurping down every inch of Spencer to Spencer returning the favor. The two studs are side by side for the last shots, both of which are huge.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:47:25
Video: 720x400, XviD, 1953kbps
Audio: 121kbps

Buckshot Productions  Hard Drive (2011)
Buckshot Productions  Hard Drive (2011)

Buckshot Productions  Hard Drive (2011)
Buckshot Productions  Hard Drive (2011)

Buckshot Productions  Hard Drive (2011)

File size: 1.6 GB