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Tobias & Truman's Bi Fuck Studio: Corbin Fisher
Video language: English
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One blond, one dark- both hunks!

Our coed Jamie really is a lucky girl to have two muscled jocks to share!Shes pretty aware that she might have too much meat on her hands so shes glad that there is also some heavy chemistry between them!

Tobias hadnt been in a three-way before where he had full access to both the guy and the girl and he is loving getting the best of both worlds- reaching out and making out with a guy, rubbing on his body and being met with the same level of attraction.

The guys show off for each other in a competitive and seductive way- and it works!Truman is clearly turned on by how Tobias fucks and so Tobias lets him feel it firsthand- which drives him positively insane!He wants to be treated rougher than he was with Jamie and Tobias proves himself the man for the alpha for the job!

Tobias & Truman's Bi Fuck
Tobias & Truman's Bi Fuck

Tobias & Truman's Bi Fuck
Tobias & Truman's Bi Fuck

Tobias & Truman's Bi Fuck