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Centro Excursionista Gay - Camp Out Studio: Studio 2000
A reviewer has to be careful sometimes not overestimate the quality of an entire production just because he happens to have fallen in lust with its star. In this case, though, Trevor Knight is just one of many reasons for you to glom yourself a copy of Camp Out, but you will be absolutely forgiven if all you do is jump back and forth between his scenes just to drool some more.
Trevor, a college-guy cutie with pouty lips, dimpled chin and a face(and butt)that reminds me of porn puppy Devon Barry(but a cock that is in a mini Michael Brandon category), goes out and tells his troop of adorable post-twinks that they have a big schedule the next day and sends them to bed. One, the lanky and tousled-haired brunet Bobby Brennan, hangs around Trevor's tent, slips in, and takes less than a minute to seduce his troop master. Kissing him deeply, reaching into his khaki shorts and pulling out a tool that reaches almost up to his nipples, Bobby feasts on this midnight snack hungrily. And, as he showed in another Derek Kent flick, Cruising It, Trevor is a cock-hungry dude, too, and takes advantage of Bobby's equally impressive morsel, gobbling it head on, slipping behind him, and rimming his hole, alternately pulling Bobby's bone through his legs to taste in between slurps of his pucker. They slip into a sweet 69 before Bobby decides that this is his night and goes back to a vigorous red-faced suck of Trevor. He then impales himself on the fabulous tool, riding it up and down before getting on his knees for a ride that ends in a massive explosion of Trevor cum all over his butt. Trevor then kneels and watches his prize haul a load out of his honker that splashes all over Trevor as the candlelight fades.
The next morning, swarthy skater Lee Walters shows blond cutie Chip Noll how to knot a string by tying him to a tree and unleashing Chip's pecker from his shorts. Lee brings Chip's pretty pecker from warm to hot in a flash, deep-throating down to the blond pubes before letting his pal get a mouthful of his own more substantial tool. Lee goes back to eating his pal's pud and fingers his hole before turning him over a bench and plunging into his truly beautiful little butt for a fuck that sends Chip's cock into stiffy overdrive. They move the bench against a tree, and Lee sits down, inviting Chip to sit down for more. Suddenly they stand: Wes gets on the bench, throws his legs up, and invites Chip into his chute. The blond cutie pounds his boyfriend's hairy body into until he pulls out for a mutual cum-shots that are sealed with a kiss.
The other four scouts are nearby learning the intricacies of CPR and first aid. Pale and lanky Mike Harrell is stretched out as the victim as the hard-bodied and apple-cheeked Eric Hunter instructs the other two, the diminutive Tommy DeLuca and hunky skater type Tim Atwood, to revive Mike below the belt. With an extremely fat monster cock waving against his crotch, Mike sends Tommy and Tim into body worship mode as Eric strains to restrain himself and contain his cock, which he fails to do. It pops out of his khakis into Tommy's waiting mouth, removing his shirt to reveal a wonderfully budding hairy chest, but Tim's ongoing servicing of Mike's honker is mesmerizing. Eric, whose debut as a virgin construction worker ravaged by older Doug Jeffries in
There's a bit of an interlude of a cute parade through the woods with each of the guys getting naked and ends with a pile-on of Trevor as the beginning of an initiation ceremony that we don't get to see. But we do get to see Trevor visiting D.C. Chandler in his cabin for a scorching finale.
Chitchat leads to large cocks being pulled from jeans on the couch, and D.C. sampling Trevor's tool before the latter suggests a shower. I am a sucker for shower scenes, and this one is highlighted by Trevor's prolonged worship of D.C.'s magnificent juice-can cock, head as fat as a Portobello mushroom, foreskin being pulled between lips and teeth, water spilling, and bathing -- both men in showers of passion. D.C., who is very tall(Trevor is listed as 5'11 himself), then pulls Trevor up and they kiss and make love until D.C. gets on his haunches to eat Trevor's butt in a beautifully framed scene that segues to the bedroom where Trevor tries(un-suck-cessfully)to completely swallow D.C.'s log. D.C. has other things on his mind, and sends his shaft up Trevor's hole, missionary, the overhead shot shows his cock to be almost as wide as Trevor's cheeks. The fuck is quietly passionate, a Derek Kent hallmark, and builds in intensity as they slide into a slobbering kiss-filled scissor position until D.C. grins from ear to ear and whispers: I want you to fuck me. Trevor rolls off the bed in glee, throws D.C.'s legs up, and fucks him while standing on the floor, a fabulous shot of the muscular and much-taller D.C. being impaled by the perfectly exquisite preppy, until D.C. spills a thick glob of cum out. Trevor pulls out and dumps an impressive load on D.C.'s hairy crotch and midriff.

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Centro Excursionista Gay - Camp Out
Centro Excursionista Gay - Camp Out

Centro Excursionista Gay - Camp Out
Centro Excursionista Gay - Camp Out

Centro Excursionista Gay - Camp Out

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