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Erotic Hands Release Year: 1974
Studio: P.M. Productions
Cast: Bill, Dick, Donne
Genres: vintage, dokondomnaya era, anal sex, fisting, bondage
,:)...!!!!!Hope you know what to expect!... if not, be carefull next time you are with someone that bring out the Crisco or the Vaseline!Leobret Perhaps the title of this dark(both physcially and spiritually)phantasmagoric collage should be Mains Erotiques, as the last two scenes are prefaced and concluded by a French narrator in a suit. My French is rusty, despite six years of study, but some of the words I could pick out were American, leather, sadomasochism, profound, and unique. Two of the introductions begin with close-ups of his lean hands. Hands usually equals fisting in the movie, but one of the more obscure scenes seems to revel in shots of gloves and long, angular hands. To be truthful, for most of the movie I was not certain what was actually happening, though some individual images and sounds were enticing, but the movie failed to mesh together as a coherent whole. The cheesy B-movie soundtrack for most of the scenes ended up being a distraction(that strange wind instrument sounds like a cliched UFO landing Cecil B. DeMille used is overused ad nauseam), and much of the action was shrouded in a perhaps intentional but ultimately ineffective murky gloom.The first scene is a good-old-boy vintage threesome(close-cut beards, rugged boots)that revels in misary, slingless fisting that is slow, erotic, and nonbrutal. The action is apanied by strapping with a belt and the cocksucking is refreshingly intense, especially the bearded bottom. When the third guy enters, one sucks off the bottom while getting fisted. When the Crisco emerges in all its moist, sloppy glory, the strange classical/jazz piano music actually enhances the scene. As the three-way continues with a natural, un impetus, fucking and fisting occur simultaneously, climaxing in an incredible scene in which the main top fists the two guys at once, up to the elbow. O Crisco-coated arm of power and glory!O belt in the ass. The cumshots are disappointing, the transition ar, though one gets a glimpse of some clear drops. The dicks are surprisingly mediocre given the intense level of the action, but the shafts are smooth and the balls firm and cleanly shaved. The next two scenes are bound together by the French narrator(discussed above), and are essentially attempts tobine ze art film with hardcore pornography, mostly unsuccessfully. A helmeted individual wearing skin-tight jeans and loud echoing motorcycle boots(woof!) exits a subway, mounts a motorcycle, and rides to a warehouse. Another helmeted individual(who turns out to be the top in the scene)awaits him on a motorcycle, but the scene is so murky and phantasmagoric that one cant tell what is really happening. Odd, obscure close-up shots of hands and gloves abound, and when the erotic hand action is over(which seems to be fisting, fucking and cocksucking atop the cycle), the top removes his helmet and emits a high-pitched laugh. The next scene is more effective, though I did not get the artistic point of the interview with the hooded individual(who eats eggs through the mouth slit in his hood). Postmodern, perhaps?But the hooded per turns out to be a top who, after well-oiling his hand and arm with what looks like motor oil(?!), plunges his fist through the ductile hole of a hungry bottom sporting torn and ripped underwear in a leather playroom setting. He also sports a veiny cock, but, alas, few close-ups. The hungry bottom slobbers over and on and in his hooded masters powercock as he lays back and enjoy the service. The arrogant hooded master at one point plunges the bottoms head into a tub of water; the choking noises are frightening, and stands over him, wielding the belt. Unfortunately, the lighting darkens obscurely and the freic mutual jerk off loses its potential intensity. After he is apparently satisfied, the camera zooms in on his lips and he emits a melodramatically sinister laugh(?!) The French narrator concludes, and the film ends in a consistent obscurity with a red pen writing Fin/The End, and adding an E to End.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 58:12
Video: 320x240, Windows Media Video V7, 617kbps
Audio: 62kbps

Erotic Hands
Erotic Hands

Erotic Hands
Erotic Hands

Erotic Hands

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