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Collin O'Neal's World of Men Santo Domingo Release Year: 2007
Studio: Raging Stallion Studios, Collin O'Neal Productions
Cast: Francisco Rey, Angelo, Antonio, Antonio Zarbala, Braxton Bond, Casanova(III), Elmato, Israel Elbo, Mason Wyler, Niko(II)
Genres: Muscles, Hunks, Outdoors, Oral, Anal, Rimming, Group, Black Man
Francisco Rey is walking to the beach through the back roads of the Dominican Republic's lush landscape. Francisco happens upon his exact opposite, pure milky white, Ma Wyler, on vacation in the Dominican Republic who is a little lost and looking for the beach. A last glance between the two hot and sweaty men prompts Ma to turn around and follow Francisco who then leads Ma to his secret sex spot. They check out each others' perfectly chiseled bodies until Francisco can no longer stand it and launches a ferocious attack on Ma's body until both of their uncut cocks pop out of their pants and start to rub on one another.
Ma can't resist his partner's thick chocolate colored cock and bends down to take a taste until Francisco him to take the whole thing deep into his throat. The two men take their play onto the room's dirty mattress where Francisco straddles Ma to with his milky white cock while Ma dives his face into Francisco's slightly furry chocolate hole. Francisco turns the tables and takes aim at Ma's tight white hole licking it until he can't control himself any longer and shoves his huge Dominican pole fully into Ma's awaiting ass. The fucking between these two polar opposites is amazing as you can see every inch of peration due to the contrast between the two men's skin color and Francisco's long, fat uncut cock. Francisco shoves Ma against the wall and literally fucks the cum out of him until he explodes onto the wall and dirty floor below. Francisco pulls out and shoots his load all over Ma's tight muscular back and ass.
Big beefy Antonio Zarbala has been snooping around Hotel Arcos when security guard Angelo decides to detain Antonio and check him for contraband. Angelo takes his baton and plays with Antonio a bit but then decides to take advantage of the situation and starts slapping and grabbing Antonio's thick ass before he finally throws him onto the bed. Angelo takes out his cock, grabs Antonio's head and feeds him his thick uncut pole. Antonio sucks Angelo's cock into a raging hard-on by teasing the head of his cock with his big thick Dominican lips. Angelo decides he has had enough and flips Antonio around on all fours and starts to fuck his ass from behind.
Angelo is relentless and after a good long fuck, Antonio is worked into such a state that his dick starts to drip long white streams of pre-cum but is not allowed to shoot his load until Angelo has had his fill. Angelo turns Antonio onto his back, lifts his legs into the air and shoves his thick Dominican dick back into Antonio's thoroughly worked over hole and begins to grind away while Antonio grabs his own dick and starts to stroke it until he shoots a huge load all over his hairy stomach. Then Angelo pulls out of Antonio's ass and shoots all over Antonio cum soaked stomach, leaving him exhausted and dripping wet from a long hot fuck in the tropical heat.
Braxton Bond is another white boy that came down to the Dominican Republic for a little fun and got way more than he expected when he crosses paths with one of Hotel Arcos' local guys. Casanova is a tall tight muscled local guy thates around the hotel looking for some fun every once in a while with some of the white boys thate from out of town. Casanova waves Braxton over to start servicing him and quickly whips out a big uncut cock for Braxton to choke on. In typical Dominican fashion, Casanova has one thing on his mind: a tight white ass from out of town that Braxton is more than willing to provide.
This scene moves quickly as Casanova is anxious to get Braxton's pants down around his ankles, turn him around and take what he wants. Braxton is more than willing to play the role of hot bottom boy for this tall swarthy specimen of Dominican macho, and turns around abruptly to let Casanova at his tight milky white hole. Casanova takes his perfectly shaped uncut cock and shoves it in while Braxton strokes his big fat cock and then leaves it alone, letting his huge cock bounce around as Casanova does his work. Casanova does such a good job that Braxton shoots his huge thick load over the railing. Casanova pulls out to shoot all over Braxton's muscle white ass, letting his cum drip down Braxton's thighs before pulling up his pants and taking off.
The next scene starts out with three hot guys just going at it like they haven't had sex in days!Niko, a thick big muscle Latino with beautiful smooth skin leads Braxton Bond and Francisco Rey into his bedroom for some threesome fun. Braxton quickly turns into the point of focus for the two hot Latino studs, the classic case of the blond white boy getting tag teamed and torn to pieces by two hung, dark Latin studs. Braxton knows these guys are going to tear him from limb to limb and they promptly ramp up the fuck fest with Francisco shoving his long, thick, uncut meat into Braxton's awaiting mouth while Niko slaps, licks and plays with Braxton's white ass until he finally shoves his thick cock right into Braxton's tight blond hole. Niko pounds Braxton with all the strength of his legs and big muscular ass can handle while Francisco watches in amazement getting his shaft serviced by Braxton's expert throat.
Francisco gets so excited that he decides to try Braxton's ass out for a ride while giving Niko a well deserved break. Francisco then fucks Braxton a little more smoothly while Niko plants his pretty uncut cock and gorgeous tight ass right on Braxton's face. Just when it seems like Braxton has finally had enough, Francisco flips Braxton's legs over his tiny white ass and begins to pound the hell out of him while standing on the bed as Niko lets Braxton feed on his fat Latin cock. First Francisco cums all over Braxton's balls which causes Braxton to shoot his load all over his stomach. Finally, Niko cums while Braxton licks his thighs, balls and tight hole.
Antonio Zarbala sneeks up to the second floor of Hotel Arcos to watch the local guys having some fun in the pool. Israel Elbo, a young toned local boy with a big fat uncut dick, flirts with Antonio and beckons him down to play. After wandering down to the pool the local guys decide they want to take advantage of thick hairy Antonio and invite him into the bar and get him down on his knees as quickly as they can. Francisco, with his amazingly chiseled body and huge dark uncut cock, leads the rest of the guys into a fuck fest. Antonio tries to take one cock at a time into his mouth but these horny Dominicans fight to get their cocks into Antonio's awaiting mouth.
Israel, the youngest of the guys, gets impatient, fighting to get his cock sucked so he decides to mount Antonio's hairy ass. Antonio has to take Israel's thick cock slowly at first, but once he gets used to it, he takes Israel's massive cock like a pro. Next up is Elmato, with his homemade tattoos and typical Dominican motorcycle scars up and down his legs, who takes his extra hard cock and fucks Antonio's ass hard and fast until he almost cums. Finally Francisco gets his turn at the hairy Dominican ass, shoving his big rod all the way in and plowing Antonio until all three studs have their fill and cum all over Antonio's back and all the way up and onto his shaved head.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:00:27
Video: 640x480, DivX 5, 1464kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Collin O'Neal's World of Men Santo Domingo
Collin O'Neal's World of Men Santo Domingo

Collin O'Neal's World of Men Santo Domingo
Collin O'Neal's World of Men Santo Domingo

Collin O'Neal's World of Men Santo Domingo

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