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Leilani Leeane Studio: Sexuallybroken
As beautiful people go Leilani Leeane is at the top of the list. She also has more vowels in her name then most people so there you go, beautiful and vowely.
This was our meet and greet with Leilani, She was scared nervous and had no idea what to expect. Her reactions are priceless, her orgasms real and her suffering, genuine.
Almost all of the bondage is done on screen for Sexually Broken, we take Leilani from dressed, to totally bound and fucked up before your eyes. We bind her elbows together, make her undress, she struggles but does manage to get naked for us. Her reward is a hard cock to the back of the throat. The cock fucks her beautiful face into submission. We then tie her over a mini H frame, and bind her tits into sexy balls of flesh, her huge nipples sticking out just begging for abuse. We then rip orgasm after orgasm out of her helpless body. She can do nothing to stop her self from cumming, nothing at all. We end with a brutal crotch rope, there is nothing sexier then a beautiful girl suffering in slow pain, after several massive orgasms!
If your tired of a girl all ready just tied up when a scene starts then welcome. Sexually Broken is the next generation of the evolution of bondage sites and sex sites.

Format: mp4
Duration: 19:50
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 5619kbps
Audio: 104kbps

Leilani Leeane
Leilani Leeane

Leilani Leeane
Leilani Leeane

Leilani Leeane

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