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Man's Best - Arabische N?chte The first scene takes us to the bedroom of the boy of a wealthy and powerful Arab emir. The emir's boy and his personal attendant are chatting and joking. The emir wants his boy to experience all that the world has to offer and that includes sex with other young man. The attendant and his liege are obviously very close. He leans over to kiss the young ruler and awakens a new world of lust in his master. After removing their head gear, the boy finds himself stroking and fondling his servant's cock through his tights. The young monarch pulls the tights down far enough to gain access to his attendant's bare cock and begins sucking on it passionately. As they plunge farther and farther into the depths of passion, the pair undress completely. Apparently the young emir has cravings for cock in all the right places and his servant obliges him by stuffing his healthy-sized, uncut cock deep into his young virgin ass. The two make out as they rub their engorged cocks together and the servant re-enters his master. Sufficiently fucked, the young emir straddles his servant's face and shoots his ample load right into the waiting open mouth of the attendant. The servant takes great care to clean all the cum from his master's cock, getting as much on his face and lips as he does in his hungry mouth. Flaccid now, the young emir changes places with his attendant and the master gives his servant the same treatment he'd just received as the attendant unloads onto the face, nose and mouth of his master. The two kiss tenderly and then the attendant pumps out a SECOND load onto his master's cock, balls, and freshly fucked ass.
Billy Thatcher has been apprehended in the commission of some sort of depravity and is brought, semi clad, before the emir himself. He instructs Billy to lie on the floor in front of him as two guards flank his sides. The emir has his riding crop at hand and begins toying with Billy's naked cock as the two guards unleash their cocks and masturbate over Billy's face. The emir is getting nowhere quickly with the riding crop and resorts to grabbing Billy's cock and massaging it to full attention. The emir then dismisses the two guards and continues his stroking of Billy's flawless cock. Billy pumps his hips up and down as the emir excites him more and more. Finally, back on his throne, the emir beckons Billy closer to him and begins making out with him as Billy masturbates himself to climax and licks his fingers clean of his own orgasm. The emir, fully excited now, pumps his own load out onto Billy's hairless chest. The two guards return and also masturbate themselves to orgasm, shooting their ample loads onto Billy's prone chest while they exchange some deep tongue kissing.
The Billy Thatcher bonus follows. These two scenes are unreleased footage gleaned from the German version of Studio Fantasies. A video editor is preparing some footage as he notices Billy calling to him from the video monitor. Billy magically appears next to the editor and removes his sweater. He gently kisses the cute, young editor and the two begin making out in earnest. The two lose their shirts and make out further until they are completely naked. The two continue kissing as the editor strokes Billy's burgeoning cock. Billy bends over the editing console and blows a load before dropping to his knees to suck the editor's begging cock. Fully hard now, the long-haired editor plunges his uncut cock deep and condom-free into Billy's waiting ass. As he pummels Billy's tight hole, Billy amuses himself by sucking on a corncob shaped dildo. The young editor pulls out just in time to shoot his load all over Billy's back and ass cheeks and then bends down to lick Billy clean.
The final scene was shot while models were waiting to participate in the shooting of "Studio Fantasies" and we find five of them, including Billy Thatcher and Lukas sitting around a table, smoking cigarettes, Pepsi, and playing table games to pass the time. Two pairs of the models get together and start getting frisky with each other, leaving Billy to fend for himself. As Lukas and his buddy leave the table, the other pair is left and Billy also excuses himself. One model with quite long hair and his buddy begin undressing and the long-haired youth begins sucking his friend's cock. Billy sits back and tries to enjoy a solitary cigarette, but can't keep his eyes off of the action going on at the other end of the room. Meanwhile, Lukas and his friend are getting more serious about their sex play. They disrobe fully and Lukas quickly begins fucking his friend, condom-free, on the floor. The long-haired model is now getting some head from his short-haired friend and soon slides his rock-hard cock, deep and condom free into his buddy. Surrounded by sexual exploits, Billy can no longer contain his lust and strips to begin his own whack-a-thon. Lukas withdraws his famous cock from his buddy's ass and spurts his full load onto the waiting chest and stomach of his fuck buddy. He proceeds to lick almost all of it up, then licks and sucks his buddy's spurting cock and has to start cleaning him up all over again. They end their sex play as the two make out heavily with cum dripping down Lukas' face. The long-haired boy has now gotten where he needs to be and pulls his cock out of his short-haired friend's ass just in time to whitewash his buddy with love juice. The short-haired boy then draws him near and jets his load all over the long-haired boy's chest and nipples. Everyone has gotten off except Billy, but he's getting VERY close. He pounds his own cock as the four sated friends come over to help him out. When Billy begins to shoot, Lukas' fuck buddy makes out with him as Lukas and the other two boys massage his cock, balls, and crotch. Lukas, the self appointed sanitary engineer, then begins licking Billy's stomach and chest clean of the fresh cum to end the video.

Format: MPEG
Duration: 57:39
Video: 352x288, MPEG-1, 1089kbps
Audio: 218kbps

Man's Best - Arabische N?chte
Man's Best - Arabische N?chte

Man's Best - Arabische N?chte
Man's Best - Arabische N?chte

Man's Best - Arabische N?chte

File size: 575.5 MB