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Bank Heist 2 Release Year: 2010
Studio: PkfStudios
Cast: Micah Moore, McKenzie Miles
Genres: Snuff, Fetish
Video language: English
Micah answered the door and was instantly grabbed and thrown to the floor--a gun to her.
The man held her there while he ordered his girlfriend to grab a chair.
Once there prisoner was secure, he went over the plan.
Rob the bank. The trick was, get the bank manager to do whatever they ask because they have his friend, right here--tied to a chair and his girlfriend has a gun on her, ready to spatter her brains all over the wall.
Well, the plan sounded good anyway.
So, he left his girlfriend with scared Micah. Mackenzie was bored easily and started playing with her. Running her gun on her, making her scared, then sexually touching her. Just when things were getting good, Max came back.
He had the money, but he was pissed. The girls friend gave him trouble. And now, he was looking for release.
They put Micah on the table and proceeded to and assault her. He fucked her while she ****** her to lick her pussy. They switched it up a few times, changing positions and activity.
But, it was when Micah was sucking Max's cock that the poor girls fate was sealed. She bit him.
He wrapped a garrote around her neck and fall back on the couch with her kicking and bucking on top of him. He was choking the fuck out of the bank girl. And, Mackenzie, feeling sorry that her man got bit, was sucking away on his cock as he ********* the bitch.
This wend on for a good long while before she gave it up and finally died.
Soon, they decided to move Micah's body to the table so he could fuck her some more. But, as he was fucking her, Mackenzie got greedy seeing all that money.
She put a gun to Max's head, planning to take him out and take all the money for herself. But, Max was not stupid. He never trusted the bitch. The gun was not loaded.
He pulled her back on the couch and...

When he was finished, he posed both of them on the couch together, grabbed his money and left.

Format: avi
Duration: 42:59
Video: 768x432, XviD, 1462kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Bank Heist 2
Bank Heist 2

Bank Heist 2
Bank Heist 2

Bank Heist 2

File size: 503.8 MB

Tags: Gonzo, Point, Bank, Heist

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