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» » Vlado Tomek and Libor Bores(Mar 19,2014)
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Vlado Tomek and Libor Bores(Mar 19,2014) Release Year: 2014
Genres: Oral,Anal,Blowjob, Cumshot, Facial, White
Video language: English
We brought Vlado Tomek in for a screentest and paired him with Libor Bores. After a brief interview Libor explains that he is going to give money to Vlado, based on what he will do for it. The first task is for Vlado to drop his pants and wank his cock, and get it hard. To make him more comfortable Libor removes his pants and wanks himself. Vlado passes the first test, getting that dick rock hard. For his next test he must agree to Libor sucking him. So money changes hands and Libor begins sucking on Vlado's big cock. It is a real thick mouthful, but Libor is experienced and sucks it well. As the next step Vlado will have to suck on Libor's dick. Libor stands, his cock hard, waiting for Vlado, who has never sucked dick before to begin. He starts wanking Libor's dick, and then on the promise of more money he takes it in his mouth. Everything is going well and Libor's next offer it to rim Vlado's ass, again for money. Vlado kneels on the sofa, with Libor checking out the ass. Libor gets underneath and Vlado lowers his ass onto the waiting face. Libor's tongue laps at Vlado's hole and he wanks himself at the same time. For the final test Vlado gets extra money, if he will fuck Libor. That is an offer he cant refuse and soon he has his dick deep in Libor's ass. Libor likes nothing more that getting fucked deep and hard. So everyone wins in this scene, with Vlado's first time fucking a guy. He does a great job, that thick cock fairly pounding away at that ass. Libor changes positions, testing Vlado's ability to perform and he passes every test. That dick stays rock hard as he plows the hole. Libor rides Vlado's cock. His own dick being wanked for him as he bounces up and down. The Vlado takes over, fucking upwards as Libor pulls himself off. Libor rides that cock again as he wanks. But before he can cum Vlado needs to blow, so Libor lays down and takes Vlado's cum all over his face and chest. Vlado's tests all passed with ease they kiss and go off to the shower to wash each other and kiss again.

Format: mp4
Duration: 32:35
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2467kbps
Audio: 78kbps

Vlado Tomek and Libor Bores(Mar 19,2014)
Vlado Tomek and Libor Bores(Mar 19,2014)

Vlado Tomek and Libor Bores(Mar 19,2014)
Vlado Tomek and Libor Bores(Mar 19,2014)

Vlado Tomek and Libor Bores(Mar 19,2014)

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