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WH - Alan Frank - Massage Studio:
Alan Frank is such a sexy guy, with his long hair, good looks and hot body. A prime candidate for a massage, he strips down to his underwear and lays down. The masseur, Ivan, arrives and gets to work, using cream to massage Alans back. His hands work all over that back and then the arms as well. Next Ivan moves down to massage Alans legs, working up and down each one in turn. Then Alan's shorts come off and Ivan starts work on that sexy ass. His hands glide over the cheeks and up the back, then down the legs, returning to the ass. The cheeks spread as Ivan massages, and Alan's cock is down between his legs. Ivan spreads the ass so the hole is on show, oil coating the hairs. Alan moves onto his knees so that ass spread as his cock hangs down. Ivan's hands are all over the ass and down to the cock. He takes hold of the cock and starts wanking it as he also rubs the ass hole. He slips a finger into Alan's tight hole as he continues wanking. Then he releases the cock and concentrates on that hole more. Next Ivan takes a dildo and pushes it against that tight hole. It pushes past the tight sphincter, stretching the hole. Ivan removes the toy and replaces it with two fingers. Then he takes hold of Alan's cock again wanking it slowly as he rubs the ass. Alan turns over and lays on his back, so that Ivan can wank him some more. That cock gets nice and hard. Ivan pays very close attention to it, his head getting closer and closer to it, until his tongue reaches out to lick it. Then he takes the cock in his mouth and sucks it. He then focussing on making Alan cum, wanking that cock hard and fast until it releases its hot juice. What a lovely massage with a very hot guy.

Format: mp4
Duration: 35:00
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2490kbps
Audio: 105kbps

WH - Alan Frank - Massage
WH - Alan Frank - Massage

WH - Alan Frank - Massage
WH - Alan Frank - Massage

WH - Alan Frank - Massage

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