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Southbay Boys Studio: Ymac
Larry Bronco seems to have gathered half the blond guys in Southern California and put them in this movie, also known as South Bay Boys. A blond hitchhiker gets picked up by another blond and they quickly turn off the road and find some bushes, then are just as quickly transported into a bedroom, where the hiker plays top.
The box cover brunette gets fucked by a fat-dicked blond on the tailgate of a pickup truck. Two blonds and a brunette play a hand of cards then get down to why they really got together. Lots of fucking, but the cutest blond doesnt pop a load. Two blonds share a long oral scene and then a long fuck scene poolside. The top is drop- cute and has a body to worship, and the scene ends in a nice double-cock jerk off.
One of the blonds from scene one gets together with two brunettes to play a game with a cigarette, with the winner getting sucked. One of the brunettes, long hair and somewhat swishy, gets topped by the other two. The other brunette, cute and slender, does something rarely seen in videos, when he actually lays on top of the back of the bottom during his fuck scene. Rather intense pumping and the reality of the scene is obvious.
Some nice loads, pretty faces and late 80s haircuts. However, unless you are into techno-disco-foreign music you might want to keep the sound down. Only the first and last scenes contain any live action sound, and that is used sparingly.

Format: MPEG
Duration: 1:46:21
Video: 352x240, MPEG-1, 1123kbps
Audio: 218kbps

Southbay Boys
Southbay Boys

Southbay Boys
Southbay Boys

Southbay Boys

File size: 874.7 MB