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ActiveDuty Arron and Ivan James Studio: ActiveDuty
Goodness, it seems like its been too long since weve had the pleasure of enjoying Ivan James. Its a good thing hes here now to show the ropes to just about the sexiest new recruit I couldve imagined: Arron!

After some warming up, they both get naked and jerk their cocks for a little while. Then, to our surprise, Arron is first to jump on Ivans cock. He manned right up and took the first bullet. By the looks of it, Ivan is impressed with Arrons first attempt at pleasuring a guy with his mouth. And I have to give credit where its due; he gets Ivan hard as a rock and takes advantage of that happy dick enough that Ivan was salivating to get a taste of Arron.

Now this doesnt usually happen, but when Ivan takes a break from that hard dick, Arron feels moved to engage in a deep, passionate smooch!Thats right, this is a sexy and somewhat romantic display here.

After this, the guys suck each other for one more turn eachwowww!! And then we come to the part where Arron fucks his first male ass.

Ivan starts out on his stomach, getting banged on the edge of the bed, and switches to his back so Arron can get a feel for how he likes to fuck. Boy, I dont know if I can tell which one he prefers here, but I can tell you he certainly Loves them both!

Finally, the guys jack their swollen meat poles alongside each other, sweaty and ready. This is one for the ActiveDuty history books, troops!

Format: mp4
Duration: 32:20
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Audio: 187kbps

ActiveDuty Arron and Ivan James
ActiveDuty Arron and Ivan James

ActiveDuty Arron and Ivan James

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