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BreederFuckers Shane 1 Studio: BreederFuckers
Shane is a dedicated rugby forward. He takes his sport seriously and makes sure to visit the club to workout even on his days off. He has time to do his own thing in an empty spit & sawdust gym. Except today.
Adrian and Dave are interested in joining the club and so crash Shanes lone workout session. Bemused, he isnt fast enough to notice as Adrian slips rope on his ankles and wrists tying Shane to the bench. He is used to his strength getting himself out of tough situations rather than his speed. All the same Adrian stuffs a very used jockstrap laced with something, into Shanes mouth and Adam tapes it shut.
The men yank Shanes tracksuit bottoms down, revealing a massive muscular rugby players arse. The lad is wearing jockstrap!This is too tempting and Adrian cant resist scrawling humiliating words across his meaty buttocks in thick marker pen. The target is just too inviting so Shane has to submit to a painful arse flogging as well. Dave weighs in too, seriously warming up the rugby studs backside with a hard thrashing.
Turned on by the sadistic show, Adrian unleashes his erect cock and doesnt waste a second before sticking it up the reluctant athletes tight virginal arsehole. He ploughs greedily into the muscular arse and then generously invites Dave to have a share. The second top thrusts into the reluctant straight making Shane cry into his gag. To no avail. The 2 tops are so turned on by Shanes misery they both shoot their loads onto his hole then use their thumbs to feed the hot nectar into his rectum. Insistent on breeding the idiot they stuff a thick buttplug into him to hold the semen there. With tracksuit pulled back over the buttplug there is no way for it to come out. Left helplessly bound and gagged Shane has no choice but to accept the 2 loads deep into his bowels.
Format: Windows Media
Duration: 16:35
Video: 960x540, Windows Media Video 9, 2185kbps
Audio: 62kbps

BreederFuckers Shane 1
BreederFuckers Shane 1

BreederFuckers Shane 1
BreederFuckers Shane 1

BreederFuckers Shane 1

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