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Story of the Eye Release Year: 2004
Cast: Melissa Elizabeth Forgione, Querelle Haynes, Kevin Mitchell Martin - Narrator(voice), Sean Timothy Sexton, Courtney Shea, Claude Barrington White
Genres: Child Birth Scene, Lesbian, Nudity, Urination Scene, Sex
Video language: German
This movie.... unusual...
In 1928, the French philosopher Georges Bataille(at Lorde alias Pts)shocked the world history through the eyes, sexy and surreal graphic novel. It is still a kind of a cult classic, and has recently received some press when Bjork declared that she really enjoyed the novel, and has included some of his ideas in the video. What - ever, something Bjork likes must be supernatural. History of Georges Bataille's eyes underground filmmaker Andrew Repaskaym Makelhinneyym(Chronicle of Corpses, Magdalen)is not an adaptation, but most of the research. It - Makelhinney own take on the idea of Bataille, and it is equally disgusting. The film begins with an old stock footage of birth, and goes on to a different settlement, where men and women have sex alone or in various combinations. If Makelhinneyy wanted to shock people, he succeeded. Because of the explicit nature of the story through the eyes, it will be almost for mainstream audiences.
For the brave people willing to sit through a happy hardcore, lesbian, and heterosexual sex, the experience is slightly different. In the film, there is no history. Makelhinneyy even raises the quotation "story training - bourgeois mania" before the end of the film almost twenty minutes ominous music or feedback, something akin to what one would expect in a David Lynch film. And while the film is in plain text, it is difficult to call it pornography. The purpose Makelhinney seems to be the desire to shock, not necessarily the one to tickle. Due to the mechanical nature of some of the scenes, it is barely awakened. Yet the film unfolds as a series of scenes, much like pornographic.
Makelhinneyy surprised each of his last film, The Chronicle of Corpses, which was mined a surprising amount of attention from some mainstream critics. Story of the Eye, which is probably best categorized as an art than a movie, feels a little on the pretentious side. There are some obvious obvious sexual imagery(man controls the dancing women, first with a joystick in his knees, that will soon change him masturbating), and other scenes where the same person - fueled by food, whereas a woman naked from the waist up plays piano. Another scene is a woman climbing the same set of stairs numerous times(or - it is a continuous staircase)before stopping in the window, yelling "Jackie Oh!" before the Zapruder film shot while urinating. Incidentally, this is - the only dialogue in the film. He clearly is disruptive, but one often wonders what he is trying to convey.
Most of the images of bizarre and nightmarish. There is little eroticism, and many elements, including the music and lighting, to contribute to the ominous mood. Woman awakens discovery of her eyes, tied up, and the viewer can see what looks like a blood spot where her eyes would be. Another woman has a large scar on her stomach. But then, Makelhinneyy will be innocent-looking blonde sailor, go at it with a muscular black man in a guy with a whip. While he pushes the boundaries in terms of what people are willing to watch, feeling a lot, as if he were trying to shake the people for the sake of testing their punch. There is not enough context behind sexual images to make them think about what they see. The unfortunate side effect - that history's eyes, even with all the terrible sex feels boring at times.

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Story of the Eye
Story of the Eye

Story of the Eye
Story of the Eye

Story of the Eye

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