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Off Da Hook Studio: LaMancha Video
Off Da Hook is the follow-up to LaMancha Videos ever popular Tigers Brooklyn Tails. Featuring Tiger Ty along with a large cast of Latino and black men, you will be treated to two films in one. Both parts have basically the same cast, that is, hard, horny studs that fuck and suck each other off with a vengeance.
The first part follows the lives of these guys, from Monday, Tuesday, etc., and explores what they do both in their peral lives as well as sexually. There are various scenes featuring different parts of New York City as the background, which is certainly a nice diversion from the typical porno with California beach scenes and surfer-looking dudes. You wont find any of that bullshit here all the guys look like New Yorkers, and if you are familiar with that part of the country, youll know that these guys mean business. They arent dainty little boys, they are MEN who fuck like MEN. And dont worry, theres a good age range here, some younger, some a bit older, but all are in great shape and use their bodies to their full potential.
This first part is chock full of oral action, with some hot anal action. The best part is when two buddies, one of whom claims hes not a fag, take a shower. These guys are perhaps the youngest in the movie, very well endowed, and have a good time together. My only wish is that we got to see more of them, cause I couldnt get enough of these two. Trust me here, you will not be disappointed with what you do see!
For the second part of the movie, producer Enrique Cruz said he wanted to recreate a sex party he had recently visited in Brooklyn. Entitled Bla-Tino Safe Sex Party, this part features lots of dudes basically having an orgy. There are many three-way scenes, some better than others. For those of you who like big schlongs, dont worry!Were talking 10 inches plus of rock-solid cock on many of the guys. This is basically more of a no-holes-barred fuck fest, rather than having any real break in the action; that is to say, its more like an amateur film where the camera was left on during the entire time. I perally think this just adds to the real feel of the film. It does away with shitty scripting and unnatural positions that seem to catch other movies.
As for the music, its pretty good, mostly the kind of stuff you would expect to hear New Yorkers listening to, so you wont be bothered by cheap porno-sounding music. The video quality is good, plenty of clear close-ups and good editing.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:54:59
Video: 320x240, Microsoft MPEG-4 Video Codec V2, 369kbps
Audio: 344kbps

Off Da Hook
Off Da Hook

Off Da Hook
Off Da Hook

Off Da Hook

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