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Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - Initiation President Oaks loves to perform the washing and anointing ceremony on the handsome boys selected by The Order.

Of all the secret erotic rituals performed in the Mormon temple, its the one with the longest tease.

The missionaries like Elder Dudley who are lucky enough to meet him in the ordinance room have no idea what is coming.

He tortures them with anticipation as the ritual slowly slides from innocent touching to hardcore sex.

He finds it thrilling the way they surrender to him without knowing whats in store for them.

He knows just what to say to a boy, just how to touch him, to make him do anything President Oaks wants.

This ceremony, like all of those The Order performs, is not just about breeding these boys and then sending them on their way.

Its about developing intimacy between man and boy, about building a relationship with the boys that allows themselves to give full license to their sexual urges, to play out their most hidden sexual fantasies.

Because theres nothing hotter to these Mormon men than seeing their boys give themselves up to daddys dick, begging for his cum.

And the moment President Oaks sees Elder Dudley, he knows this encounter is going to be very special.

The classically handsome young missionary straddles that delicious line between boyhood and manhood.

Hair is starting to sprout on his growing body, but only in patches. And he moves like his body is growing faster than he can get accustomed to, just like a young colt.

And as President Oaks conducts the ritual, gently touching the boys naked body, he discovers that he has a beautiful cock that is already hard.

A good priesthood leader follows inspiration, and today President Oaks is inspired to drain the cum from the boy before mounting him and pounding his big juicy butt.

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Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - Initiation
Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - Initiation

Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - Initiation
Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - Initiation

Mormon Boyz - Elder Dudley - Initiation

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