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Ondra Radni and Libor Bores Studio:
Ondra Radni is such a hot and handsome guy. We paired him up with a very sexy Libor Bores. We find them sharing some fruit, with Libor rubbing the gs on Ondra's body and eating them off him. He licks on Ondra's nipples and feeds him from his mouth. Libor then starts to rub Ondra's groin, kissing him and pulling his cock out. He gets Ondra naked and sucks on his cock getting it very hard. As he wanks and sucks he also kisses Ondra. Then he lifts Ondra's legs up, exposing his ass. he dives in and starts rimming that tight hole. Ondra stays hard and he feels the hot tongue on his hole. Libor quickly gets naked, showing that he is already stiff and up for action. Ondra takes hold of his buddy's cock and they both wank each other. Libor is a real pig for sexy and keeps sucking on Ondra's stiff dick, standing him up and sucking as he wanks. Libor is building up to more and offers his ass up to Ondra, who willingly obliges by shoving his cock deep inside. He fucks Libors hot, eager hole, spanking him a bit as he does so. Ondra then lays on the couch and has Libor climb up and sit on his dick. Libor works his ass all over that throbbing cock, with Ondra wanking him at the same time. That hot ass really slides up and down on Ondra's pole. A move to missionary sees Libor wanking himself as Ondra fucks him deep and hard. Libor wanks faster and faster as Ondra uses long thrusts into that ass. As Ondra fucks Libor's dick explodes with cum. Ondra continues to fuck until he is ready to cum too. Then he pulls out of Libor's hole and shoots his cum over his balls. Ondra leans forward and kisses Libor ending a really great scene.

Format: mov(QuickTime)
Duration: 25:04
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2491kbps
Audio: 98kbps

Ondra Radni and Libor Bores
Ondra Radni and Libor Bores

Ondra Radni and Libor Bores
Ondra Radni and Libor Bores

Ondra Radni and Libor Bores

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