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Hog Heaven Studio: Dick Wadd
There sure as fuck is in Dick Wadds Hog Heaven, the new porn classic that redefines the concept of final rewards. Eight sleazy sex gods go to their glory in a relentless raunchfest of epic proportions.
In Hog Heaven, every guy exhibits epic proportions, whether it be Scott Irishs endless asslicking tongue, Dean Coopers determined devotion to piss, Erik Hunters powerful fuck thrust, hairy Greg McCords smelly pits and sewer mouth, Beau Stroms bulging biceps, silver-haired Jake Marshalls fuck concentration, Guns bottomless bottom or Damiens mighty fisting arm.
What can we expect on the other side, according to Dick Wadd, if weve all been bad boys in our sex lives?Dick for days, a heavenly host of hard-ons for holy worship, and frenzied non-stop fucking for all eternity. And never-ending blat, continual free-flowing fountains of manwater directed at you, all over your sex-starved bodies, in your suppliant mouths, down your thirsty throats and up your absorbent assholes. For the horny fuckers in Hog Heaven, blat is the passport to fulfilling mansex, and theyd no more think of wasting it somewhere other than on each other than they would think of wasting their hard cocks on a female. These are mens men, their pricks reserved for the holiest of holys, the soaking sanctification of manflesh, their virile nourishing seed reserved for masculine tongues and throats and tight masculine buttholes.
Hog Heaven is a temple of manworship, populated by divine deviates, archangels of assfucking, priests of blat; a synod of sinning saints, s in barebacking, a federation of fornicators, a congregation of cum-shooting cock worshippers, popes of asspopping, gods of cock.
Format: mp4
Duration: 2:05:39
Video: 712x482, AVC(H.264), 2458kbps
Audio: 156kbps

Hog Heaven
Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven
Hog Heaven

Hog Heaven

File size: 2.5 GB