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Saori Kobayashi - Nasty Girl Audition (n0823) (tokyo-hot) Studio: Tokyo-hot
Her target is natural foolish character that loved by everyone. Best feature is big eyes and fair skin slender body. She always smile and full of energy. That is Saori Kobayashi who wannabe able to cute talent. Very active in the drama in the song. She dreaming to be a talent that will cheer from all over the world but she is just a idle of pussy actuary. Just ugly guys want to cum insert to her vaginal and getting wet vaginal by guys sperm and downfall to be a meat urinal. Itfs not only her character that is real herself. That is must see and get erect your cock!Saori has tested whether she is a talent by guys. She is a good for healthy and cute girl but she doesnft know common sense than you think. Ugly guys also amazed her. She is a fool actuary. But she said that she can be a friends with anyone. Of course talent is a have to pampered by anyone. So maybe she can do the talent I think. Then going to start practice to be a talent. Guys comes around to her and they taking off her closes. But she keep smiling that she want be a friends with guys. She believe that can be friends with them by caressing each other. Is she a natural fools isnft she?But purpose of guys is just her vaginal only. Saori still donft know about what they thinking and need now. Then guys lick the her nipple and taking ser panty off and licking her vaginal. Then she give a blow job and hand job to guys as well. Then guys said van be a friend that our cock insert to her vaginal by missionary posture. Back side position, cow girl position, guys taking a hard stork and put his cock in to her mouth at the same time. She taking a blow job by her little mouth. Guys still hard stroking by bent over position. Then cum insert by missionary posture. After that next guys also com insert by missionary posture again. Then next guy also do same. Many guys do a cum insert to her vaginal, she accept anything guys wants. Then next, 5 guys has come around Saori and telling that if want to be a good talent need to practice to be a sensitive body. So guys put rotor on to her vaginal and also put it in to as well. She has cum immidiatry. Then guys put video camera in to her vaginal that they want see and check after she cum. At the inside is a very pinkish. Maybe this vagina is a more creative after practice more they think. Then they taking a cusco insert to her vaginal and show inside more clear. At the inside is a getting wet. Then guys telling a lie to her that another girl also do the same thing to be a good talent. And they give a service to her vaginal by electric massage machine. Then she cum again and she give a blow job and hands job to guys cocks. Then she taking a cleanup guys cocks by her mouth. After that guys has insert by missionary posture again. Back side cow girl position and missionary posture. Itfs to hard stroke to her vaginal. Then she cum again. After that guys cum insert by missionary posture and next guys also taking a missionary posture and cum insert to her. Then next guys taking a back side position and cum insert as well. After that she taking a cleanup his cock by her mouth another guys cock insert to her vaginal again. She accept many guys sperm such as full. Then sha have to taking a open leg pose and guys give a insert them cocks to her vagina one by one and also cum insert to her as well. Total 9 times cum insert to her vaginal. She said she has feeling hot and That is a guys enthusiasm isnft it?She doesnft worry to be a pregnant. After that she has opend her leg and she appeal herself to all over the world. Disgraceful woman is outrageous talent activities so far. So she still dreaming to be a talent while many guys cum insert to her. But she thinking she is a talent already. It's really pathetic woman.

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Duration: 1:43:25
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Saori Kobayashi - Nasty Girl Audition (n0823) (tokyo-hot)

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