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ChaosMen Adam Cub & Vander Raw I am still trying to push Adam Cubs boundaries. So far it has been tough.

Vander works great with everyone, so I thought I would use him as a secret weapon.

The first part of the video Adam is looking around and struggling to watch his dick get sucked. His cock sure doesnt have a problem with it. It is ironic that his body is totally in the game. His cock gets hard easily, and he cums pretty much on command. But his brain is definitely trying to come to terms with what is amazing body can do.

And that body IS amazing. He has so much mass and those pecs bulge in all the right places. He is Type 1 diabetic, so he doesnt mess around with any steroids. That body is all diet, hard work, and of course, genetics.

Vander does not mind servicing a hot straight guy. He gets in there, and gets Adams cock hard fast. He deep throats Adams cock easily, impressing Adam with his skills. Vander is stroking his own hard cock, and offers Adam to suck it. No go yet as he smiles and politely declines.

But that didnt stop him from stroking it, and Adam is definitely impressed by how fat Vanders cock is.

Vander tries to rim him, but he is so sensitive and ticklish that he just goes back to sucking his cock. This guy is going to be a hard nut to crack!

Then Adam stands up and fucks Vanders face aggressively. Vander is in piggy bottom nirvana!

Adam is an excellent top for sure!Got to give him high marks for those skills!He fucks Vander like a pro in 4 positions, and he never wavers. He also looks like he is more present in this part of the video, surrendering to how good it feels to fuck Vander.

Vander nuts easily on his back while Adams load goes wild for the first couple squirts, and then manages to dump the rest inside Vander.

Vander, like a good bottom boy, cleans off cum-soaked cock!

Format: mp4
Duration: 25:39
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2929kbps
Audio: 110kbps

ChaosMen Adam Cub & Vander Raw
ChaosMen Adam Cub & Vander Raw

ChaosMen Adam Cub & Vander Raw

File size: 571.4 MB