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Decrotchery 11 Cast: Cody Cummings & Jobe Zander aka Brad Boyer
Genres: Muscles, Wrestling, Tattoos, gay
Video language: English
Superstar Cody Cummings makes his Can-Am debut opposite legendary Can-Am Star Jobe Zander in the upcoming release Decrotchery 11. These two muscle studs are almost evenly matched though Zander has a slight height advantage. Jobe wastes no time putting muscular Cody into a headlock making the stud wince in pain. Jobe flips Cody around and locks in tight on his jaw from a rear grip before flipping him over on his back and working over his pecs. Cummings nearly taps out in a rear naked choke but narrowly manages to escape and seize his opportunity to punish Zanders balls with a tight grip to the crotch. Cummings works over Zanders crotch for a nice long and painful session nearly Jobe to tap out but Zander manages to sweep Cummings off his feet planting him face first on the mats!

After a tough bear hug Zander returns to working over Cummings with a rear naked choke making the stud gasp for air. The pair trade blows and show their wrestling prowess to one another but ultimately Zander takes the upperhand delivering the lowest blow of them all straight to Cummings bulging crotch sending the stud curled up on the mats in pain.

As the match continues its anyones game to take. JOIN NOW to find out who which of these studs comes out the victor in Can-Ams Decrotchery 11 showing exclusively on Can-Am Max!

Format: flv
Duration: 48:55
Video: 848x480, AVC(H.264)

Decrotchery 11
Decrotchery 11

Decrotchery 11
Decrotchery 11

Decrotchery 11

File size: 458.9 MB

Tags: Gay, BDSM, Decrotchery

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