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Josephine (Lucky Man) Studio: JoyMii
Cast: Josephine
Have you ever just sat and watched a beautiful, sexy woman pamper herself?Well, Den has, and that beautiful and sexy woman is Josephine. Turns out, she was pampering herself for him... and he could not be any happier. After rubbing lotion on her beautiful, supple breasts, she disrobes and immediately starts giving Den some very special attention. Den knows what this means and he is more than happy to oblige Josephine''s desires. Soon after, he returns the favor by licking her sweet, beautiful pussy... which she loves... a lot. Pretty soon, she''s on top of him, riding him... she loves being on top and Den loves it too!He also loves to fuck her from behind, which he does soon after. Yup, Den is definitely one lucky guy... come in and see why. Enjoy!
Format: mp4
Duration: 22:27
Video: 640x360, VP80

Josephine (Lucky Man)
Josephine (Lucky Man)

Josephine (Lucky Man)
Josephine (Lucky Man)

Josephine (Lucky Man)

File size: 137.8 MB