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The Brig Release Year: 1983
Studio: Hot Knight Productions, HIS Video, Wild Horse Studio
Cast: David Ross, Mickey Squires, Ryan Kilgore, Jim Stevens, Dick Cooper, Jess Walters, Ron Jacob, Mike Jones
Genres: Shot on film, Compilation, Anal, Oral, Uniforms, Muscle, Vintage
The story of Navy man Mike Jones who goes through fantasies and memories before being caught but finding his ideal man.

1. Eat Between the Cheeks
David Ross(hk)OgrAtb
A curly blonde with a faint bicep tattoo and a brute make out standing up. They suck each other then move to a bed where blonde gets rimmed and fucked face down. Then brute gets it too missionary and doggie style. Blonde gets off a small load on brute's butt and then holds him as he jacks off.
2. Leather Fantasy
Brute in leather jacket and jeans with a mustache gropes an unresponsive blonde(later seen to have a mustache and a nipple ring)in an art gallery. Brute pulls blonde's pants down and sucks him off as the blonde stands there with his arms crossed. Now fully naked blonde begins to respond but brute is still fully clothed sucking him museum piece off. Finally brute's pants are open and blonde sucks him. Fully naked except for his boots, brute bends over for a rimming and a reverse suck. They get down on the floor for some detailed 69ing with very close in camera work that shows ever hair on brute's cock ringed dick. After a little finger action on his butt hole, blonde is on his back getting man-rammed, again shot in loving closeup. Brute pulls out and slips out a small load and they kiss in the afterglow.
3. Leave Me Alone
David Ross(hk), Robert Blake
David Ross is in the brig in a cell with Robert Blake. Blake tries to get his cellmate interested in sex but Ross declines. Blake strips and jerks off showing his body fore and aft to Ross who doesn't do anything more than rub his crotch. Standing Blake pulls off a load. The two men never appear in the lens at the same time, could easily have been just edited together.
4. On Your Knees Sailor
David Ross(hk)
A naval officer in sunglasses tells Jones that he doesn't want perverts on his ship. When Jones says he doesn't know what the officer is talking about, the officer orders him to remove his shirt. Officer stands before Jones and orders him to suck his dick. When all their clothes are finally off(except for the sunglasses)Jones has to rim his superior. Bending his charge over the desk, the hairy officer applies his higher ranking cock to the insides of his recruit. Glasses back on, the officer forgets his place and sucks the sailor's nipples and then deep throats Jones' throbber. The two men jerk off face to face and then Jones is on his back, again getting reamed. They both manage to get a load off.
5. Rammed(short)
Mickey Squires OgrAbRrg
Mikey Squires doesn't like getting hit on but he decides to make some money at it but only getting sucked off. A tall hairy guy picks him up and takes him home to a brown leather couch. After hairy sucks Squires for a bit

Format: avi
Duration: 1:21:34
Video: 640x480, DivX 4, 971kbps
Audio: 125kbps

The Brig
The Brig

The Brig
The Brig

The Brig

File size: 661.8 MB

Tags: Gay, Full, length, films, The, Brig

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