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Mustang  Man Up (2011) Release Year: 2011
Genres: hunks, studs, military, soldiers, buddies, hairy, muscle, bathroom, toilet, big dick, oral, deepthroat, kissing, anal, rimming, cumshots, condom
1. Spencer Reed, Logan Scott
After completing the days maneuvers Spencer Reed hits the showers and finds Logan Scott whining about how brutal the trainings been. Spencer cajoles his fellow soldier to man up and reassures him that hell always have his back even his dick and whatever else needed to make things easier. The two men suck face before Spencer starts sucking Logans cock, opening wide to swallow him whole. Then they switch places so Logan can taste his buddys big dick sliding in and out of his mouth. Spencer is soon craving more action and attacks Logans hairy ass, poking a finger and his tongue deep inside before he licks it up. He follows the slurpy tongue action with slamming his pole up his mates hole and fucking him hard and fast until he blows his wad with Logan cumming right after just as copiously.

2. Conner Habib, Trent Locke
Conner Habib thinks hes safe, hiding out in the latrine so he can get his rocks off, masturbating to a porn rag. But Trent Locke senses something nastys going on behind that stalls closed door so he busts inside and catches Conner in action. Startled at first, Conner now recognizes hes got a hot stud to get downndirty with and he quickly surrenders himself to Trents charms. The horny cadet sucks his big buddys hard cock, swallowing it down his throat. Trent gets his turn to hungrily suck Conner off before he rims his ass and then fucks him fast and furious. Trent next lowers himself onto Conners stiff dick and rides him hard. Then they leave the confines of the stall and, braced against a urinal, Conner resumes fucking Trents ass until he pulls out and cums all over and Trent follows by shooting his load.

3. Shane Frost, Alexsander Freitas
Shane Frost and Alexsander Freitas have been summoned to the commanders office to answer charges that they were caught sucking dick behind the latrines charges which they deny. The two soldiers decide that if theyre gonna get kicked out for such an infraction, they might as well make the accusations real. Shane gets down to suck his co-conspirators stiff uncut cock and Alexsander gets so excited he begins to facefuck his slim friend hard. Then the hirsute bodybuilder lays Shane down with his buttcheeks spread wide, exposing his hole so he can rim him, prepping his ass for the fierce fucking he quickly delivers. They fuck non-stop and in different positions until Shane and then Alexsander let loose and shoot their cum all over.

4. Alessio Romero, Heath Jordan
Nighttime finds both Alessio Romero and Heath Jordan laying in their bunks, restless, unable to sleep and feeling so horny. Alessio decides to help his buddy out and begins to suck him off. Heath quickly makes it clear that he cant wait to work his oral skills on his fellow privates privates and he zeroes in on Alessios crotch. Soon the two soldiers are 69ing, giving head as well as rimming ass with some fingerfucking thrown in for good measure. Ready for some anal sex, Alessio slides his cock up inside Heaths ass, fucking his hole hard and deep. The men exchange pole positions with Heath now filling Alessios asshole with his thrusting cock. Both of them are ready to climax and they finish off laying side by side, stroking their cocks until they both shoot their loads.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:30:39
Video: 688x384, XviD, 2240kbps
Audio: 125kbps

Mustang  Man Up (2011)
Mustang  Man Up (2011)

Mustang  Man Up (2011)
Mustang  Man Up (2011)

Mustang  Man Up (2011)

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