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Poker Face Part 2. Exhausted boy (2012) Release Year: 2012
Cast: Randy
Genres: Fetish
Tied to the bars of a giant birds-cage Randy is gagged and made to choke. Then the soldier burns Randys skin with hot wax before the poor boy has to suck for his life.
Randy still doesnt realize what is happening. He just tried to help his friend and since some soldiers overpowered him he got stripped, humiliated and heavily beaten. He and now as he wakes up he finds himself tied to metal bars. He is kept in a cage like a bird. So after all: what kind of place is this?One thing is sure: this is not just an officers casino.
Then Radovan comes. The scared face of the helpless guy makes him horny. He takes his belt to strike at the cage. Then he opens the door and puts the belt round Randys neck to pull his head. Randy is gagged with a mouth-spreader and his spit is dripping down. Radovan puts his fingers into the boys mouth. He wants to make him choke. Again and again. One finger, two fingers and then half of his hand.
Suddenly he unties him and drags the exhausted boy to the nearby bed. There Randy again gets fixed with ropes. His feet are even tied to his balls. Then Radovan takes a candle and drops the hot wax onto the guys bare chest. This game goes on for a whole while. Randys body is trembling from pain and despair. Now the soldier unzips his pants. He kneels over his catch and pushes his dick deep into Randys mouth. The poor guy automatically starts to suck. And how he sucks. It seems that he sucks for his life.

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 14:05
Video: 1280x720, Windows Media Video 9, 4882kbps
Audio: 187kbps

Poker Face Part 2. Exhausted boy (2012)
Poker Face Part 2. Exhausted boy (2012)

Poker Face Part 2. Exhausted boy (2012)
Poker Face Part 2. Exhausted boy (2012)

Poker Face Part 2. Exhausted boy (2012)

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