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Raging Stallion Studios  Toy (2011) Release Year: 2011
Genres: hunks, suit, formal dress, worker, logan mccree, damien crosse, hairy, muscle, tattoo, latino, massive cocks, big dick, oral, deepthroat, anal, rimming, doggy style, dildo, bondage, facial, cumshots,condom
Stag Homme's Toy, directed by Francesco D'Macho includes six spectacular scenes of facial cumshots, bondage, voyeurism, rimming, sucking, and fucking!

1. Phantom Lover
Logan Scott, Francesco D'Macho

Logan and Francesco were a happy couple who deeply loved each other and shared several cherished years together. Until the day Francesco went missing without a trace. A couple of years passed but Logan's heart would keep beating stronger and stronger for his missing lover. Tonight would have been their 10 year anniversary... so Logan sets the table for two in memory of Francesco and him. After one too many Logan's mind starts playing tricks with him, and Francesco finally returns. He feeds Logan his big fat uncut cock before he ends up giving him quite the pounding and all of his thick creamy splooge all over his face.

2. Barber's Blade
Goran, Logan Scott

Incredibly sexy and fully-tatted Logan McCree goes to his local barber shop to trim his beard. But as the barber is giving Logan a close shave with one hand and holding Logan's chin with the other, Logan takes control of the sexual tension as his mouth gets a taste of those fingers resting on his face. The barber, Bulgarian muscle-god Goran, responds with a kiss. Goran then feeds Logan his fat uncut cock before returning the favor and putting that heavy slab of tatted meat in his own mouth. The barber then bends Logan over in his chair, spreads open his cheeks, and eats that beautiful pink hole before he starts plowing him in two positions and fucking the cum right out of Logan. But Goran isn't done... he puts Logan back on all fours and fucks him a bit more until he's ready to blow. Only thing is that the camera man's ready to blow too, making it two fat loads on Logan's beautiful tatted cheeks.

3. Atado
Max Schutler, Pedro Andreas

A college student, breathtaking Argentine Max Schutler, has disappeared. He wakes up to find himself naked with his wrists and feet tied up to a bed. His abductor, Brazilian Pedro Andreas, is obsessed with every inch of his body from the veins of his feet to that tender neck. But his real obsession is that sweet college boy hole and the lengths it will go to. Max can struggle as much as he wants, but he ain't going anywhere.

4. Wood Sweat Cum
Spencer Reed, Logan McCree

Straight Man Fucks Me starring Francesco D'Macho and an anonymous straight guy.
It's all about hidden cams and anonymous straight guys fucking Francesco D'Macho in Stag Homme's voyeuristic series Straight Man Fucks Me. In this third episode of the installment you get a better look at all the action as there are two hidden cams, one of them held by Damien who can't help but wank to all the raunchy action as Francesco gets plowed by some blindfolded sexy-as-fuck straight man. You get both camera perspectives simultaneously in a split-screen scene which is sure to get you hooked on the series.

5. The Good Husband
Damien Crosse, Logan McCree

Two hot hairy muscle fuckers with quite the sexual appetite decide it's time to give their woodwork a break and start feeding each other their thick cocks instead, until Spencer shoots his fat load into the back of Francesco's throat while he face-fucks him. But Spencer's still hungry for more action and turns Francesco around to give him the pounding of his life before Francesco takes control and gives himself a ride on that massive cock of his before busting his own load all over Spencer's hairy torso. This feature contains plenty of kissing, sucking, fucking as well as three cumshots the last of which is a beautiful facial on Francesco.

Format: avi
Duration: 2:10:33
Video: 640x362, XviD, 1171kbps
Audio: 118kbps

Raging Stallion Studios  Toy (2011)
Raging Stallion Studios  Toy (2011)

Raging Stallion Studios  Toy (2011)
Raging Stallion Studios  Toy (2011)

Raging Stallion Studios  Toy (2011)

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