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Gangbound Studio: Harmony Concepts
We had a talk with our models. We told them to resist, to fight us, to try and get away. They didnt have a chance they ended up whimpering, wide-eyed, and thoroughly bound, strict ropes cutting into their tender bodies. We outnumbered them two to one, and because they struggled so damned hard, we tied them tighter than usual. Amber, Autumn, Sadie and Jewell left the studio thoroughly shaken and stirred. We served up hogties, ball-ties, elbow-ties, frog-ties, post-ties and duct-tapings. Blouses were ripped open, bras pulled down, skirts lifted, mouths packed. We threw in, submissions and live position changes without(Sadie Belle goes straight from a frog-tie to a ball-tie, with her elbows bound together the whole time!). I dressed them up Banner style tight blouses and bras, short skirts, stockings and "" heels. Jon Woods, a master at onscreen tying, did most of the rope work, with some assistance from yours truly. Oak did the videography, editing and duct-taping. If youve been looking for some first live onscreen tying, this is what you want.

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