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MormonBoyz - Elder Lindsay - Evaluation (With boy Daniels) Studio: MormonBoyz
Nearly every boy whos ever been spanked by his man knows how good it can feel, despite the pain. For Elder Lindsay, theres a special comfort that comes along with being punished for things youve done wrong.

Elder Lindsay has been disciplined by Patriarch Smith for his countless sins.

Stark naked, bent over the mans knee, the boy had surrendered completely to the brutal spanking.

That doesnt mean the beating didnt hurt, or that he didnt yelp after each spank because of the pain.

But along with the pain came a deep primal sensation, the feeling that the Patriarch loved him and would take care of him. And, oddly enough, he also felt a sharp physical pleasure every time the flat hand connected with his raw ass.

Hed enjoyed the punishment so much he had cum all over the Patriarchs leg.

He was embarrassed to get semen all over the mans pants and shoe, but the man wasnt mad about it he seemed very pleased with Elder Lindsay.

Although the boy had just shot his load, the slow teasing of his ass and his hole had left the missionary with a desperate desire to get fucked.

After his spanking, he had reluctantly puts his clothes back on, wishing that the Patriarch would stop him and give him the pounding he so badly wanted.

But he didnt. And the boys good behavior was going to be rewarded he has been handed off to handsome boy Daniels for an invasive evaluation that will end with the Mormon studs big cock buried in the young mans gorgeous ass

The two have met before, in the temple, when the man had dropped to his knees and sucked off the cute boy.

He can still remember the taste of the boys cock, and the memory makes the man horny for another go at the boys hot body.

Only this time, hell be the one busting a creamy load all over this boy.

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MormonBoyz - Elder Lindsay - Evaluation (With boy Daniels)
MormonBoyz - Elder Lindsay - Evaluation (With boy Daniels)

MormonBoyz - Elder Lindsay - Evaluation (With boy Daniels)

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