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Roommate's Secret - Derrick Dime & Brandon Moore Studio: NextDoorRaw
Derrick Dime is wiped out from helping new roomie Brandon Moore move in. With all his stuff finally off the truck, Brandon comes in and finds Derrick on the couch, and he can see Derrick is hard underneath his tight jeans. Brandon slowly makes his way next to Derrick, who doesnt stir. When Brandon calls his name and Derrick fails to respond, he decides to press his luck, fondling Derricks cock over his jeans as he naps. Derrick gets harder in his sleep as Brandon continues to lightly massage it, so he carefully unbuttons Derricks jeans and pulls his cock out, downing it- or at least attempting to down it. Derricks cock is massive and fully hard, and Brandon can only get most of it down his throat, so he tries harder to swallow it, grabbing Derricks balls for better leverage. Brandon gets so caught up in his attempts to conquer Derricks dong that he fails to notice Derrick has long since waken up and has been watching him try for a minute or two now.

Derrick startles Brandon when he speaks to him, but luckily for Brandon, Derrick is down with the program, and so rather than get upset, Derrick takes off his shirt and begins to reciprocate, taking Brandons cock into his mouth as he continues to stroke his own cock.

Brandon cant wait to have Derricks huge cock inside him, and Derrick is equally excited to pound his new roommate, so he bends Brandon over the couch and grabs his waist with both hands, shoving his raw cock deep inside Brandons ass and pulling him back in closer with every hard thrust. Brandon takes every inch of Derricks dick, begging for him to fuck him harder as Derrick flips Brandon over onto the couch, fucking the cum out of him missionary style before pulling out and blasting Brandons body with his seed, before shoving it back in and going at it again and again and again. Seems as though the new living arrangement is going to work out just fine for these new roomies.

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Roommate's Secret - Derrick Dime & Brandon Moore
Roommate's Secret - Derrick Dime & Brandon Moore

Roommate's Secret - Derrick Dime & Brandon Moore
Roommate's Secret - Derrick Dime & Brandon Moore

Roommate's Secret - Derrick Dime & Brandon Moore

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