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WH - Libor Duhec - Sessin Stills Studio:
In our latest Duty Bound Petr Cisler is shackled, in the basement, as Radan Flex searches for him. As Radan finds him get immediately starts spanking is ass, and grabbing it. He carries a cat of ninetails that he also uses on that ass. He turns Petr around and pulls his soft cock out of his seethru underwear, and then pulls on his nipples before kissing him. Radan goes down on his knees and starts to suck on Petr's dick which gets very hard indeed. Then Radan release Petr from his shackles him to suck cock too. Petr sucks on Radan's throbbing cock until Radan wants to move on to other stuff. He gets behind Petr and starts to work his hole with a dildo, shoving it in nice and deep. As he fucks the ass with the dildo he also gives the occasional spank. Working the hole real good opens it up and Radan then shoves his dick deep into it. He really pounds away at that hole, with Petr moaning all the while. Changing position, with Petr laying on his side Radan slams his dick in and out of that ass. Then he lies down and make Petr ride his cock. Petr really works his ass over that dick, and feels the heavy hands slapping at it as well. Radan needs to cum and stands over Petr, shooting his cum over his chest and then having Petr suck the cock clean. Petr then wanks himself to a very nice climax to end a very good scene.
Format: mp4
Duration: 9:09
Video: 1280x720, AVC(H.264), 2930kbps
Audio: 79kbps

WH - Libor Duhec - Sessin Stills
WH - Libor Duhec - Sessin Stills

WH - Libor Duhec - Sessin Stills
WH - Libor Duhec - Sessin Stills

WH - Libor Duhec - Sessin Stills

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