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Enzo Sky and Zach Hansen New boy, Zach Hansen, clearly has an interest in anatomy something that his medical buddy, Enzo Sky, takes full advantage of when he catches the young fellow snoozing on the sofa. Of course, the more observant of you will note that Skys doctoring skills actually involve him being able to remove Hansens pants by means of the mere flick of his eyes a rather laudable feat in anyones book, surely, but which in this instance allows him to playfully scribble on the sleeping boys bare skin. By the time Hansen has returned to consciousness, Doctor Sky has reached for his anal retractor at which point, unsurprisingly, matters gain a distinctly more febrile manner.
Indeed, its no time at all before the newbie is down on his knees, giving Skys hairless cock the kind of oral workout that it surely deserves; before the medic eagerly returns the favour. But its clear by this point that what Hansen really wants now is the feel of his mates big, aching shaft probing around in his hind quarters an ambition that a fellow like Sky is always only too willing to make a reality.
Cue a terrific set-piece that sees the new STAXUS star getting hammered in a variety of positions from behind, from beneath, from the front! which not surprisingly culminates in him finally spewing the contents of his balls all over his own belly. All of which gets Sky so excited that he simply has to sit back and jerk out his own creamy wad which is eagerly intercepted by Hansen, who laps up at the resultant goo with his tongue and then insists on sharing a hot, creamy smooch for a top-notch finale!

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Enzo Sky and Zach Hansen
Enzo Sky and Zach Hansen

Enzo Sky and Zach Hansen
Enzo Sky and Zach Hansen

Enzo Sky and Zach Hansen

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