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It's A Man's World 1 Pistons Release Year: 2002
Studio: Studio 2000
Cast: Johnny Brosnan, Robert Balint, Roland Dane, Cameron Fox, Richie Fine, David Chelsea, Nick Young, Cody Alexander, Kyle Richards, Don London
Genres: Oral, Anal Sex, Rimming, Big Dick, Muscle, Cumshot
Pistons(It's A Man's World, Part 1)is Studio 2000 's latest prick-packed, testosterone-placed package of passion ready for spring delivery. In the tradition of Studio 2000 's legendary Grease Guns, Pistons takes place in an auto body shop where lube, of one kind or another, seems to be on everyone's mind... and hands... and dick... Perhaps the cars waiting for repair are not properly tended to but rest assured cock and ass are tuned up and ready to race. As directed by the bold and brilliant John Travis, Pistons reminds us just how full of cum grease monkeys can be. The big news here is the cocky cast headed by two of the most requested models in the world. Yes gentlemen, Robert Balint and Roland Dane are now Studio 2000 exclusives. You have admired them in Falcon films and you will pump your prick dry over them in Pistons. As if you needed to be reminded, Robert Balint is a dark-haired, handsome muscleman whose shear size will take your breath away. His uncut prick is a sight for sore eyes and his beefy bubblebutt is available for the asking. That's right, muscle god Balint goes bottom up in Pistons. Roland Dane is way beyond cute with luscious lips, a tight boybod, and an uncut piece, which is always hungry for a warm mouth or willing butt. He loves to fuck as much as you love to watch.
These two superstars are joined in Pistons by dazzling, erotic icon Johnny Brosnan. This wide-eyed, open-holed, insatiable bru has been seen before, but you have never seen him till you've seen him through the lens of Studio 2000. As if that were not enough, Pistons proudly presentspact and donkey-dicked Cameron Fox, walking hard-on Richie Fine and fan fave Nick Young. On the new faces front you will cream over cuddly Cody Alexander and Don London and gasp at sex machines David Chelsea and Kyle Richards.
Early one morning, body shop owner Johnny Brosnan opens ups his garage and is surprised to find Richie Fine asleep in the backseat of a sporty convertible. Soon both men are up and at'em as they strip for each other and jump into the backseat. Brosnan deep-throats Fine's thick stick shift down to the pubes, and licks his swinging ball-bag. Brosnan, a champion cocksucker, asks Fine if he wants to fuck. In answer, Fine fingers Brosnan's booty, then throws a deep, doggie-style drilling into him over the front seat. Fine fucks hard and Brosnan's hyper-hungry hole is up to the job of taking every inch. After a thorough pounding, both blast bounteous batter.
Nick Young, he of the long dong and willing bum, arrives late to work. Black-haired, smooth, lean cupcake Don London scolds Young for being late. Naturally, Young makes up for lost time by sucking London's curved cock, licking his balls, and smelling his briefs. These guys are both uncut, both hung like and both blow bone with bravado. Kissing leads to London warming up Young's ass with his fingers, then plowing into his butthole. The position turns to missionary, as London literally fucks the cum out of Young who sprays high-flying jizz while being bonked. London also releases a spring shower of spooge.
The third scene is between humpy neers Kyle Richards and David Chelsea. Richards is a very tall, beefy dude with short hair, sideburns, perfect pecs, lots of foreskin and shaved nuts. Chelsea is a muscular Italian type with cushiony lips, dark, round, chewable nipples and a huge, spicy sausage with a bulbous, skin-covered knob. These two randy repairmen go at each other with an animal-like lust. There is not a moment in the entire scene when both these heavy-hung and big-balled buddies are not rockhard. Richards sucks Chelsea's cock as Chelsea pulls on his own very erect nipples. Lots of sloppy kissing and sweating leads to Chelsea dropping to his knees and deep throating Richards' rod to the point where tears are streaming from his eyes. The tears continue as Richards slaps Chelsea's face with his cockflesh. Richards mounts an in-depth investigation of Chelsea's fuzzy asshole with his fingers, his tongue and finally his prick. This relentlessly arousing buttbanging is in the position and then sidesaddle. Chelsea then raises the stakes even higher when he reverses the action and slams his ramrod into Richards' rear. This flip-flop fuck is amazing mansex that results in gallons of guy-goo.
Cameron Fox catches grease monkey Robert Balint jacking off in the john. The idea of??pairing the massive Balint with the diminutive, colossally-cocked, Fox is so quintessentially Studio 2000, so visually enticing, that you will be rewinding over and over to wallow in the wonders of this masculine magnificence. Fox gets right down to business chewing on Balint's massive pecs, worshipping his body and blowing his boner. Fox is a very active performer and here Balint's sheer size seems to arouse him to new heights as he sucks dick with delight. Balint takes a taste of Fox's phallus but soon Fox is back in the driver's seat sticking his tongue deep into Balint's asshole. With Balint bent over a stool, Fox throws an ass-slapping power fuck into him in a multitude of positions. You will thrill to the sight of Fox's massive member banging the daylights out of bodybuilder Balint and applaud the copious cum shots of both. Customer Roland Dane, more adorable than anyone has a right to be, arrives to pick up his car. Sleek, spiky-haired Cody Alexander is apact muscular piece of eye candy who has met his match is the stunning Dane. These two boytoys are smooth and gorgeous and as they lock lips you will drool at the beauty on view. Alexander wastes no time in sucking Dane's dynamic dipstick atop the car hood. Alexander is totally turned on as Dane blows his cut crank. Dane wants a piece of Alexander's picture-perfect ass and begins by fingering his hole. Still atop the hood of the car, Dane slides his pecker into Alexander's ass-tounding ass and then missionary. With each stroke Alexander gets more and more turned on until at last he lets his juice fly. Dane, in turn, lets his load loose all over Alexander's belly.
For the erotic record, exclusives Roland Dane and Robert Balint will be back in the next tape for further adventures of the same characters. This news flash is not only to wet your appetite but also to let you know that Studio 2000 has made amitment to developing the careers of these two international superstars.
Studio 2000 has always been the home of the most beautiful men in the world delivering the most sizzling sex right in your face where you want it. Boasting the hottest, horniest men and the best production values??the boner biz has to offer, Pistons will kick your drive shaft into erotic overload.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:26:31
Video: 352x240, DivX 5, 1024kbps
Audio: 31kbps

It's A Man's World 1 Pistons
It's A Man's World 1 Pistons

It's A Man's World 1 Pistons
It's A Man's World 1 Pistons

It's A Man's World 1 Pistons

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