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MormonBoyz - Elder White - The Sacrament Studio: MormonBoyz
Ever since Elder White had his first sexual feelings, he has always been attracted to older men.

Every man figure in his life has been an object of his desire, especially the older men at church. Just the sight of those masculine priesthood leaders, dressed in suit and tie, would make him get an embarrassing erection.

But it wasnt until he became a full-time missionary that he was able to put these desires into action.

He would never have dared to act on his feelings, but luckily he had attracted the attention of The Order. His handsome face, fit body, sweet ass and submissive attitude made him a perfect candidate for recruitment.

Without his having to take the initiative, he was called in for an inspection that ended with a monster cock in his virgin hole.

That surprise encounter was just the first in a series of ritualized erotic encounters with just the kind of men the inexperienced boy had always fantasized about.

If these sexual were sometimes exhausting or humiliating, they always left him grinning and covered in cum.

And the more cocks that get stuffed into his tight hole, the closer he feels to the members of The Order.

The priesthood leaders may show very little emotion in their interactions with him, but he loves and trusts them. Nothing makes him happier than submitting to these men and giving them pleasure.

Right now hes on a couch in the temple, with a huge muscle daddy, President Nelson, plowing him from behind.

He didnt know dicks could be as big as Nelsons, but now that he has had a taste of it, hes addicted.

When the President slides it all the way in, the boy can feel that cock in his stomach. And when the man really starts to pound, White feels like his body is going to split at the seams.

But his favorite moment is when the powerful man, who is usually silent, starts to moan.

He can hear in the mans voice that he is about to cum. Although he knows President Nelson is in charge, when the man approaches orgasm its the boy who has control.

Elder White tightens his hole on the throbbing cock and feels the cum start to pump into his ass.

President Nelson abruptly pulls his gooey dick out of the hole and slaps it on the missionarys meaty ass.

With one of his massive hands, President Nelson completes this gay sex sacrament by spreading a generous load of semen on the smiling boys forehead.

Now that he has been ordained and inseminated, the mans priesthood authority has been passed to the boy.

Elder White wears a big smile. He knows he has performed well and made the man happy.

And now that he has been welcomed into The Order, he pictures a future of limitless, sanctioned cock ahead of him.

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MormonBoyz - Elder White - The Sacrament
MormonBoyz - Elder White - The Sacrament

MormonBoyz - Elder White - The Sacrament

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