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Elder Sorensen - Second Anoininting Studio: Mormonboyz
All the attention Elder Sorensen has received since he arrived in the mission has made him a little cocky.
Boys and men alike have fallen for his cute face, lean body and confident attitude.
One after another theyve spread their legs for the handsome boy, who has taken every opportunity to slide his hard cock into their willing holes and screw those lucky companions hard and fast.
But in all of his interactions with other Mormon boys and with the men of The Order, Elder Sorensen has never let anyone fuck him.
Hes been too proud to surrender his hole to anyone, and also nervous about how it will feel.
Even letting others just touch or lick his hole has meant giving up control, which is hard for the missionary boy.
But that is about to change. The Order has decided that its time for Elder Sorensen to prove his humility by offering his ass to the brethren.
His body would be prepared and then handed over to be opened up and inseminated for the first time by a hot Mormon daddy in the holy temple.
As a good Mormon boy he knows that he must do as he is told, but that doesnt make it any easier.
Between the anointing chamber where his body had just been prepared and the altar room called the holy of holies, as he once again dresses in the ceremonial clothing the one-piece underwear and the white shield his palms are sweating.
Hes afraid bottoming for the first time will hurt or be humiliating, which is confusingly mixed with intense sexual arousal. He just hopes that he wont chicken out.
When he walks into the ordinance room, he finds a handsome Mormon man he has never met before, President Oaks. Elder Sorensen is immediately attracted to the older man, whos taller and bigger and has a mischievous grin on his face.
Elder Sorensen submits to the man completely, allowing him to remove his shield and then position his gorgeous body on the altar, head down, ass in the air.
President Oaks runs a hand down the length of the boy, letting it linger on his tight butt. He can feel the boys body shaking. He opens the back flap on Sorensens sacred underwear and admires the boys smooth, hairless hole.
Oaks puts a finger in the crack and feels the boy tense up. Hell have to go slowly with this boy, but once he has his huge tool in that tight ass, he plans to give it a long, hard fucking.
And as he strips Sorensens underwear off, President Oaks is rock hard. Elder Sorensen is as hot a boy as he has ever seen, and he cant wait to climb on top of his hard body and show him whos boss.

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Elder Sorensen - Second Anoininting
Elder Sorensen - Second Anoininting

Elder Sorensen - Second Anoininting
Elder Sorensen - Second Anoininting

Elder Sorensen - Second Anoininting

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