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Big Delivery Studio: Falcon
1. Scott Bond, Bill Marlowe
On a hot sultry summer afternoon Scott Bond and Bill Marlowe have planned a barbecue. But one look at each other's tanned muscular torsos and rippling abs causes them to feel the pressure of their own big cocks swelling in their tight levis. The barbecue can wait - they have more immediate desires to take care of first. Within seconds they are in the bedroom feeling their rising sexual heat. Their giant cocks are rigid as Scott's hot wet mouth deep-throats Bill's heavy-hung dick. Bill lunges for Scott's massive endowment and soon has his mouth filled to capacity. They 69 each other into a wild frenzy of sensual hunger. With their energy approaching a fever pitch, Scott thrusts his huge cock deep into Bill's rock hard butt. He screws the jock for all he's worth. But this isn't enough for Scott - he slams his ass down on Bill's bull cock and continues to fuck the huge dick with his ever -widening hole. Both men erupt with lava flows of white cum.
2. Paul Bain, Scott Bond
I've got a package here for Marlowe, delivery man Paul Bain says in a gruff voice. Scott Bond's desires go to red alert as soon as he sees Paul's other package. He's not here. I'll sign for it...I'm here alone, Bond informs him. Oh yeah?Bain says as he pushes his way through the door, grabbing Scott and pulling the startled young man's face up to his, kissing him long and hard. The two men lose control, exploring their granite physiques, tasting each other from top to bottom. Scott wastes no time stripping off Paul's uniform and homing in on his giant cock. Scott works the mammoth tool, sucking from mushroom head to cum-laden balls. Without warning, Paul flips Scott over and plunges his rock-hard cock dep into Scott's hole. Paul pounds Scott fast and deep...then slow and long. The momentum builds as Scott turns the tables and plows his monster dick into Paul's primed ass. They go far beyond the bounds of sexual exhiliration when, unable to control themselves any longer, they sho
3. Dylan Fox, Paul Bain
Tall sexy shipping clerk Dylan Fox is busy when hunky delivery man Paul Bain comes in with some packages. Left to his own devices, Paul realizes that he's in the warehouse of the Jocks Athletics Company. He thumbs through brochures as he feels his prick stiffen. When Dylan returns, catching Paul rubbing his cock, Dylan kneels down to service Paul's cock. Paul pushes Dylan's head down on the engorged dick and the young jock sucks every inch of the huge shaft. Paul takes Dylan over to the work table and bends him over. Dylan moans as Paul primes his rosy ass with his tongue. Dylan is aflame with desire as paul slides his cock in, pummeling the shipping clerk for all he's worth. Slower, then faster - thrust after thrust takes both of these studs to the breaking point where they finally shoot their hot loads all over.
4. Bill Marlowe, Troy Hunter
When Bill Marlowe and troy Hunter come home, they find their package from the Jocks Athletics Company has arrived. They're both eager to check out the video, but they start playing with each other instead. Troy wastes no time in sucking Bill's cock...savoring the big dick as it stiffens full in his mouth. The two studs are catapulted into an oral frenzy of dick and ass eating that has them growling for more. The action gets hot, heavy and very intense as Troy begs to have Bill plow his hole. Bill is eager to explor the depths of Troy's ass and he pushes the huge cock deep inside. Thrust after thrust makes their wildest dreams reality as their bodies meld together pushing and pulling like the pistons of a well-greased engine. As Bill fucks Troy's ass raw, neither of them can hold out any longer - Bill pulls his fuck tool from the warmth of troy's pummeled ass and shoots his load. Troy shoots his own as he sees Bill's eruption pour forth.
5. Dylan Fox, Cougar Cash, Steve Lance
Dylan Fox tells co-workers Cougar Cash and Steve Lance about a wild encounter he had with a delivery man. The two sexy studs don't believe Dylan's story so he shows them exactly what happened. Within minutes these three sex-hungry men have their clothes off, exposing their taut, muscular bodys and their heavy-hung cocks. Splayed over the work table, Dylan begins to suck Steve's thick prick as Couger rims Dylan's hole. After Dylan sucks Steve's throbbing cock, Steve is as hot as a pistol and drills his huge cock deep into Dylan's ass. Dylan groans as his ass is filled and Cougar silences the groan with his own prick. The men, awash with sweat, rocket to new heights of sexual exhiliration as they rage in an orgy of fucking, sucking and ass-eating that reaches its apex when they all explode in rivers of cum.

Format: mp4
Duration: 1:10:59
Video: 720x544, AVC(H.264), 2023kbps
Audio: 124kbps

Big Delivery
Big Delivery

Big Delivery
Big Delivery

Big Delivery

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