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Beefcake Hunter - Damian's baby arm Studio: Beefcake Hunter
Slim and sexy, Beefcake Damian seemed to have no problem driving for five hours from Ocala, as long as there was money and sex involved!This time, he even brought his friends along to party. I believe he spent the money he was going to make, even before cashing it!After all, this would be his second time in Miami, and he needed to explore the city a bit more. Of course though, his friends didnt know that while they were walking by the beach, Damian was doing business lol.
Like in our previous shooting, Damian was very fun and easy to work with. He proudly called his cock: baby arm, which for me, was a real feast to suck on, and because Damian is very slim, his baby arm looked even bigger!
I started playing a little with his balls, then slowly worked my way to get his cock really hard. He likes to be more in control, and that is why he likes to grab my head!Although, this time there wont be a face-fuck scene as he likes, I got on my fours position to take that baby arm in my backdoor. I wished we would have played in other positions too, but I could notice that Damian wasnt ready for that, he seems to be more like the oral sex type of guy. At some points, I had to push him against me, to get it harder. I guess, he will need more training at my boot camp!Lol Anyways, I got my fair time of pounding by his big cock, and I enjoyed it!Once we got back to seated position, I could tell how much beefcake Damian enjoys a blow job, and he delivers an amazing cumshot!Beefcake Damian was ready to be reunited with his friends, and continue partying in Miami. Hope you guys enjoy Damians baby arm!

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Beefcake Hunter - Damian's baby arm
Beefcake Hunter - Damian's baby arm

Beefcake Hunter - Damian's baby arm

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